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Cristina Blom Szymczak

Posted by Andy Patton on May 27, 2010 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (7)

I guess i'll start blogging on this site to things from animal rights to my ex cristina blom- and any other cruel shit happening in the world. i have loved this girl with all my heart for 4 years, and she just gives up on me when she gets a little disgusted, to seek fun and more dick, thinking she will find better dick than me. even if she COULD, which she won't, she's a tattooed crazy person slut, still, why would u want 2 find someone better than the perosn who loved u so much?

women r fucknig Evil! U can't figure out what they want, u know why? because THEY DON'T WANT ANYTHING! they are an ever changing canvas, if they found a disney prince fresh out of the pages of a movie, they would still not be happy with that. they take all their stress out on those who are most important to them, until it just ends up like an episode of cheaters. women are nuts, and one in particular is even nuttier. i just broke up a fight at mendards in hammond yesterday where these ghetto mexican chicks are beating the shit out of each other in a van, and a guy had a saw and was doing something to one of them too. so they kick the girl out of the van and won't let her in. she's obviously crazy and emotional like crissy always is, but i felt so sorry for her, the took off and she held onto the door handle and was dragged 30 feet until she hit her head, then i helped her up and she went on a tangent to chase them still. she was crying, but angry and NUTS! and i thought about crissy and how her life is going to end up at that age of 40 something. she's giong to be some bar whore infected with aids or something else, with no future in life, her parents will be dead, her sister will be useless and not care 4 her, she'll be alone, hanging out with other scumbags that drag her from teh van when they get into arguments while drinking. its depressing. i don't want this person in my life anymore from what they'd done 2 me selfishly, abandoning me, but i still have love enough to care for this person no matter how much i hate her guts, and i don't want to see her end up like that, but she's already on that path. her looks will only go so far, and only get a certain level of dick companionship. they'll all be assholes, and it will be for sex from her end anyways. i hate that fucking bitch so much!