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                                              COMPLETE SYNOPSIS


                             “THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD” 2009


MacReady (Russell) and Childs (David) return in this sequel from 1982’s ‘John Carpenter’s The Thing’. They are found frozen in a burnt down structure in Antarctica. The two are brought back to the International Science Institute; the two men remain in comas. The Institute is the newly built haven for scientists from all over the world studying many fields including Climatology, Oceanography, and Botany. There is an outside annex wind tunnel connecting to a domed facility where Astronomers study the stars. A division of the “I.S.I.” is run and operated by U.S. military staff. The military also has the chore of the oiling project where they recently discover an unknown, blue colored substance in the oil around the same time of lost radio contact with McMurdo camp caused by a fierce Southern storm. Oil valves are shut off giving military a paid vacation and putting Biochemists and Geologists to work to study the contamination.

Hiro and her father Yoshihisha work, eat, and sleep at the space dome, but Hiro sneaks away to visit a boy her age, Graham, at night over at I.S.I’s sleeping quarters without the knowledge of her father.

Jones, an obnoxious, take-no-shit, good hearted black man is always getting into outrageous, dramatized arguments with the compassionless, hillbilly tom-boy Trish. Trish is also always arguing with Mins, an older, pot smoking, black man. She blames him for an overlooked radio message sent from McMurdo months ago, which she says could have saved MacReady and Childs.


The first dramatic scene is when Carpenter, an older gray-haired man is fixing a pipe in the oiling room. An explosion is heard throughout the camp. Lieut. Amery, the person is charge of everything, runs from his office to see the halls filled with people. The entire inside of the oiling room is seen charred, even the plants outside the doors line of sight are burnt. Amery and Jens, the Chief Science advisor, run inside. Hiro and Graham were at one end of the room with minor burns to the head. At the other end, Carpenter stands as an ashy, marshmallow-like statue. When touched his torso breaks apart and falls like a soft, warm watermelon slammed to the ground. His entire insides had been liquefied, looking like lava. This was the strange nuclear result of the halogen light he was using in conjunction with the blue stuff in the oil, as later tests declare. The explosion even reached all the way to the space dome strangely only melting all computer chips.

Elsewhere, Childs miraculously awakes from his coma with only areas of frostbite and amnesia. Jens, the Chief Science advisor notices strange things about Childs. Jens suggestively tells Childs he knows he’s an alien. Eventually Jens confronts Childs in an empty room and tells him he knows; a black eel is shot out from Childs’ stretched mouth, and enters in and back out the back of Jens’ head. Childs and Jens now wander the complex spreading to others.


Later MacReady wakes from his coma and tells Amery that he recalls certain things such as coordinates to a location not far away that he had investigated before; a spaceship that was buried under the ice for over 100,000 years. Childs and MacReady meet, but don’t remember each other. MacReady tries recalling a suspicious memory of Childs. He has a flashback scene where he and Childs meet each other outside in the burnt building in the cold.


A team is sent to MacReady’s coordinates. There is a spaceship under the ice. The team leaves the helicopter to observe the ship from a ridge, while Jimmy, a young militant wanders off. Minutes later the boy is heard yelling. He had fallen into the snow hundreds of feet down onto a slimy blue rock slab. Jimmy rests on the slab with a busted leg. A huge hole is next to him; an opening to the ship, which has leaked out the blue colored ‘fuel’ and melted through the ice. The fuel from the ship had traveled into the I.S.I’s oil wells. The team returns to I.S.I., and tests are done with the blue liquid to show everyone the relevance of the find along with the severity of their situation.


So, these thirty or so people in the freezing Antarctic not only have to deal with radio silence, a death, and woken coma patients, but also a spaceship and the explosive fuel that sits underneath them.


Mins is now rolling a joint in the woman’s locker room, congratulating himself after Childs’ not so fatal recovery. Travis, then Childs are heard entering the room, Mins hides in a locker thinking it to be Trish. Childs changes into a creature and changes Travis into a human imitation right before Mins’ eyes.

Mins ran to the others telling them his story, accusing Childs and Travis of not being human. MacReady now remembers a little of his memory. He has a flashback scene from the beginning of ‘The Thing’, where the dog is chased and shot at in the snow, and how one of them shot the Norwegian that chased the dog thinking he was stir-crazy. MacReady tells the others he had found an alien life form frozen in the ice not too far from the ship. He said it can imitate humans, and that he had devised a blood test.

Meanwhile Childs is standing over Hiro in her dark room with his arm changed into a lump of needle-thin tentacles. Amery sends MacReady and others to look for Childs. Childs is seen leaving Hiro’s room and is chased down the hallway. MacReady is slower than the others; he pauses outside Hiro’s room looking inside suspiciously.

Travis is confronted by everyone and accused. Travis then changes to some daddy-long-legged-looking spider as tall as the ceiling showing the realization that they are not alone. Childs escapes.


 Jens continues suggesting to Amery to send a team to explore the ship to ‘see what we’re dealing with’. Amery and Jens argue about the horrible timing and importance of sticking together. Jens talks to Amery now out in the hallway alone. Amery comes back with a ‘different view’ on splitting up the camp, making it easier for him, Jens, and the hidden others to take over more humans.


Childs is outside swinging away at a metal door with an axe. The power in the camp goes out and everyone panics. Rose, a doctor, and Phil, a Paleontologist see there are three people missing. When asked where they were, Amery replies ‘I had them move those bodies, they’re probably just fooling around someplace’. This is when Rose notices some of Amery’s habits are missing. Rose talks to a few others. Jones now tackles Amery and ties him up. Just when others like Trish try defending Amery, Jones finds unmarked vials of blood in Amery’s pocket.


The camp continues growing colder without power.


Everyone is confined to the lunchroom while blood vials are collected from everyone. About six people’s blood are tested until Ross, the meteorologist’s blood jumps out of the dish when it is burnt with a hot knife. Everyone freaks out. Ross runs away and is shot in the head by Wilkes. Ross’ back splits apart, his head is sucked in through his back and hovering above his body now by his spine, his head is screeching out at everybody. The Ross monster had spread to Larsen and Vinson in that brief amount of chaos. All three monsters are burnt with the flamethrower. Now the tension has built even more.


The group moves through the vast, dark, cold complex turning corners lit only by their torches. One shocking glimpse shows a five-foot person and an eight-foot person disappearing behind a distant corner.

The group is now at the other end of the complex, bundling up, and ready to go outside for another flamethrower and to get to the kennel where more supplies are to perform another blood test.


Back at the ship, Jacobs and Hobbs set up a ladder and start climbing down to the opening.


Most everyone is in the engine room looking at all the damage Childs has done. Mins, Manny, Radek and Wilkes are standing in the opened doorway. Ben is heard calling the guys. The guys in the doorway leave, while everyone else stays in the engine room.

            Mins, Manny, and Radek enter the garage where Ben sits in a snowmobile that has also been torn apart. Wilkes stands in the doorway with his flamethrower and torches all four of them.

            The others run over to the garage keeping a distance from Wilkes. Wilkes says “Ben…Mins…Radek…they all changed. They got Manny- there was nothing I could do, I had to torch him man” At that moment all four men are heard screaming in human voices. Wilkes exchanges looks with MacReady. MacReady yells, “Shoot him”. They shoot Wilkes’ tank and he explodes before he turns the flame on them.


The other group is walking inside the ship. There are cages with a few dead and a few living creatures inside. There is also a sealed cage that can’t be looked inside. Some dialogue goes as follows…


                                    It’s dead whatever it is.



                                    It’s been here for over 100,000 years- I would think so.



                                    What are these things anyways? Why are they in these rooms?


                                    Maybe they’re test specimens.



                                    Maybe they’re bombs.



                                    Could be pets?


Jens looks at the men without expression.



                                    Maybe they’re prisoners.

Now Olaf is messing around by some liquid, oval controls. Jacobs shouts for Olaf not to touch anything, but he does. Jacobs touches an oval and his hand is stuck, now his entire body remains stiff, he cannot move or even blink. Layers of his body from hair, then skin, then muscle is all removed in stages accompanied by a strange sound. Now his bones are rearranged and organs changed. Now, new alien layers replace his body in stages. The final coat covering his body are long three-feet long black quills, which also petrude from his orifices. The Olaf monster now flops around crazily out of control making noises, hitting other controls. Cages are being opened. One creature released doesn’t survive as it enters the ship, Jens suggested “its probably the air that killed it”’.

            Another control is activated and now the shielded cage begins to open. Jens is now actually scared, he says “Jesus Christ no”, as the others look at him strangely. Brightness is shining out from the cage. Jens takes off. Hobbs takes off and is followed with the Olaf monster bumping against him, leaving quills in Hobbs’ flesh without him even knowing. Jacobs sees a ball of strange radiation light approaching him. The ball holds Jacobs in its grasp. Jacobs’ face is melting and blistering the closer it gets. The ball completely melts Jacobs’ head as it absorbs into his hood, which is unaffected by the ball.

            Hobbs is running down the corridors in the ship and the Olaf being follows along side of him creeping him out, bumping against him. Hobbs falls from the opening onto the rock slab getting the wind knocked from him. The Olaf being falls on him. Hobbs looks up at the opening and sees it getting brighter. The Jacobs being is hovering out of the opening. Jacobs’ body is now being dragged across the snow by his new glowing head. The snow doesn’t melt, it toasts. Hobbs runs up the ladder. He sees the Olaf being sucked head first into the ball of light up to its knees; the black-quilled legs of Jacobs’ new body just dangle from the ball of light


Hobbs is in the helicopter lifting off. Jens sits in the back seat tired.


Back at the dog kennel, all fifteen people wait for a second blood test. There are also a dozen Alaskan huskies walking around. Caol is standing at a tool table about to test each dish as they all lay out. Dirks’ dish is tested first; he passes, and is given a torch. MacReady is having another flashback. Another scene is shown from ‘The Thing’, where MacReady and Childs are talking on boxes out in the cold.


                                    Well…what do we do?



                                    Why don’t we just…wait here for a little while, see what happens.





MacReady hands Childs the whiskey bottle. Childs drinks from it then looks over at the smirking MacReady betrayed.



MacReady’ face is now seen emotionless waiting for the test, (WHICH WAS THE FIRST TWIST). Hiro has unzipped her coat and lifting up her heavy sweater letting Graham massage her stomach. Yoshihisa wonders what they’re doing. He leans over and sees Graham’s hand on his PREGNANT daughter’s stomach, (WHICH IS THE SECOND TWIST).


                                    What is this? You are pregnant? Why didn’t’ you tell anyone?



                                    Everybody knows father, everyone but you. Do you blame me?

                                    Look how you’re acting.


Yoshihisa starts strangling Graham. They bump into the tool table making it wobble. Caol looks up and sees a bottle of acid about to fall. It does, and spills onto all the opened dishes. ALMOST EVERY DISH HAS A REACTION, everyone is in shock, even Yoshihisa stops strangling Graham, (THIS WAS THE THIRD TWIST).

            All but Yoshihisa, Dirks, Jimmy, Jones, Hiro, Caol, and Rose start changing into creatures. Yoshihisa is trying to pull Hiro away from Graham as he changes.

            SUDDENLY A CREATURE BUSTS OUT FROM HIRO’S STOMACH, which was changed unknowingly by Childs’ needle-thin tentacles earlier, (AND THE FINAL FOURTH TWIST). The thorny beaver-looking tail from the baby’s back is thrown at Yoshihisa ripping his face off.

            ALL THE DOGS START CHANGING, (A MINOR TWIST). About six people in the back of the room amass one gigantic creature. Jones fights with Graham’s flamethrower, aiming it at the creature. Jimmy fights with a changing dog.  Jones, Rose, Dirks, Jimmy, and Caol, who is burnt by acid, all run out into the cold. They all run to the space dome as the creatures are all heard screeching out, communicating to each other.


They are in the pitch-black space dome, lit only by Dirks’ torch. Jones tells the other four to remain calm, he tells Caol to cope with the burns on his face for the time being. A silhouette of a man moves past them in the dark.  They run out to the wind tunnel.

            Caol runs in front of them down the barely lit, tunnel. As the others move to catch up, the torch shows ‘Blair, from ‘The Thing’ standing next to Caol hidden in the dark. Blair attacks and kills Caol. Mirko is seen running behind all of them at a fast pace. Jones manages to light Blair on fire, which also catches Mirko on fire. They run away.


They are now in the hallway by the oiling room catching their breath. When Dirks is asked a question, he doesn’t answer. A vine from one of the hanging plants has entered through the back of his neck. THE PLANTS ARE ALIVE, (ANOTHER MINOR TWIST). As they begin to run away, Jimmy is stabbed in the arm with a vine. It is seen moving up his skin. Jones quickly grabs an axe and chops Jimmy’s arm off.


In the dark helicopter cab, Jens is seen in the backseat changed into some horned demon. Next to Hobbs in the passenger seat is a thin, fetus looking man being formed by one of Jens’ tentacles. Hobbs fights for his life, sticking a flare into the demon that is about to bite him. The helicopter crashes at the camp.


Rose has bandaged up Jimmy’s arm. They are outside ready to enter a small shack. The others get Hobbs to join them, as the demon is heard screaming and trapped in the wreckage.

            They all barricade themselves in the shack. They all talk and relax a little. Jones burns the end of Jimmy’s arm with the torch. Rose then notices a quill sticking out from Hobbs’ face. Hobbs tells her to remove it. When she does, Hobbs starts screaming. His face starts to sink in. His entire body now shrinks inside his clothes. Now some thick liquid that looks like Karo syrup with texture resembling shiny glitter, starts spilling out from his pant legs. The stuff starts spreading across the floor and even goes up walls. It is spreading everywhere. They all leave.


Outside standing not far from them in silent darkness is almost all the creatures in human or other forms. They all stare at the humans emotionless. There are even characters from ‘The Thing’, and even a giant eight-foot tall James Arness monster.

            Rose cries. Jones cusses them out. Just as they are all about to step forward, a glow is seen coming behind them. The glow gets closer as if it were teleporting itself closer by miles each time. All the creatures turn around frightened.

            Jones and the others see Jacobs’ body dragged motionless across the snow now only thirty yards away. Almost all the creatures run away. A few go towards the glowing ball to slow it down. The creatures are sucked into the ball, leaving more dangling feet hanging out of Jacob’s cloth hood. It sucks as many as eight creatures inside. The glowing being’s head looks like some hellish pincushion.


Jones, Jimmy, and Rose are held up in another boarded up shack with a box of food. Jimmy wants to know what they do next and Jones just replies ‘We just wait’.

The glow from the being outside is seen as it passes their shack. The glow lights up the entire inside of the shack REVEALING CHILDS SITTING IN A CORNER. Childs is obviously a creature, but is frightened just as they are. Jones had gotten up and grabbed the torch, but sits back down seeing Childs is just as cold and not being a threat at the time. Jones says to Childs ‘All I gotta do brotha is open that door, you know that right?’

Childs stares emotionless back at Jones and simply nods his head.   THE END.



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