Thing Sequel REAL script

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Andy Ray Patton

TITLE SEQUENCE: Shots of real paintings or pictures from books are
  seen of Werewolf and Genie myths. These images are
                intermingled with glimpses of Werewolves and puzzle
                boxes (Genie's lamp), which were all shot from the


        CUT TO:



FIORI, FRANKIE, TOMMY, AND ROBERT are filthy-mouthed Italian mobsters
wearing suits and derby hats. They all stand around a dirt hole.

JOHNNY AND JOEY, are obesely fat, Italian mobsters in suits. They
stand in the dirt hole digging with shovels.

A bloody beaten man lies twitching on a tarp next to the hole. Joey
stops digging and wipes sweat off of his forehead. Fiori slaps him.

   Who the fuck told'cha ta stop?

   Isn't this deep enough?

   No, ya fat fuck it ain't deep enough.

   Geez relax Fiori.

Fiori gets angry and looks like he's going to kick Joey in his face,
but instead kicks a pile of dirt into his face.

   Ahh! My eyes.

   What'cha do that for Fiori?

Joey rubs the dirt from his eyes. The bloody man on the tarp is seen
moving his pulverized, crushed, pancake-looking hand towards Fiori's

    TOMMY (O.S.)
   Fiori, relax.

       (to Joey and Johnny)
   You two hurry up. You're almost done.

    ROBERT (O.S.)
   Frankie, you sure this was a smart move?

   I'm doing us a favor taking care of this
   prick. He didn't wanna listen to me before,
   well he's listenin' now ain't he.

Fiori bends down to the bloody man and spits in his face.

   It's too late for him to listen now.

Fiori now notices the bloody man's pancake-looking hand touching
his shoe.

   Mothafucka! You fucking ginny cocksucker!

Fiori stomps his foot on the bloody man's face several times.

   C'mon, let'em suffer in peace will ya.

   These fuckin' shoes cost fifty fuckin'
   bucks- top of the line. This mothafucka's
   still puttin' his hands where they don't

       (to Robert)
   Gimme that!

Fiori takes a large tenderizer mallet from Robert. He then starts
pulverizing the bloody man's already pulverized hand.

   There! There! You like it? You fuckin' like

The bloody man goes to scream, but just gargles his own blood.
Frankie now points a gun to the bloody man's chest and shoots. Blood
splatters all over Joey and Johnny's faces who are still standing
in the hole.


   What the fuck'cha kill'em for?

   Hurry up.

   Fuckin' waste is all it is.

    JOEY (O.S.)
   I'm hittin' somethin'.

Joey is now seen stabbing his shovel into something in the ground.
Johnny now stabs at it as well.

We see the shovels stabbing at black dirt uncovering a thick chain,
which is caked in dirt.

   What is it?

   Keep digging fatass!

   Hold on!

   What did you say to me?

   I said hold on- geez.

Joey and Johnny continue digging at opposite ends of the hole. The
shovels are heard scraping against something. The others look in the
hole curiously.

   Probably just a rock, you fuckin' dumbass.

   It ain't no rock.

Joey and Johnny stop digging. Johnny bends down and wipes dirt off of
a wood surface.

   It's a box.

    TOMMY (O.S.)
   Maybe it's a treasure.


   Pull it out.

   Wouldn't that be some shit if it was. We'd
   be gettin' lucky twice in one day- it's
   like a blessin'.

Joey and Johnny lift the box out of the hole and set it down next to
the bloody man on the tarp. Everyone looks at it. Frankie grabs a
shovel and tries breaking the chain apart.

   Look how old it is.

   There's gotta be somethin' inside.

   What if there ain't no treasure inside-
   nothin'. Nothin' but a brittle piece of

   I'd be fuckin' pissed.

   No, but-

   I'd fuckin' whack this dumbass for findin'
   the fuckin' thing and gettin' my hopes up.

Fiori slaps Joey on his head really hard. Frankie restrictively
laughs. Joey being twice the size of Fiori just cowers away from him.

   Yeah, but what if it ain't just a piece of
   paper, but a bond or a deed for like a
   million bucks.

   Are you fuckin' serious? This thing's older
   than your mutha's bush. They didn't have
   no fuckin' money bonds back then!

   Oh, but what if it's a deed to someone's

   You fuckin' dumbass. Deed to what? A fuckin'
   cottage or teepee or some shit. Somethin'
   that ain't even here no more!

   So, if it's on paper, it's still good right?
   Maybe we could still own the land. We could
   go inside right now and tell that accountant
   we own his land. It's like a patent, and we
   own it.

Fiori slaps Johnny on the back of his head.

   Quit talkin! You're fuckin' stupid. This
   chest is probably so old it goes back to
   the pilgrims. Whatever agreement they
   had for this land- handshakes, trading
   turkeys, whateva the fuck they did, times
   have changed ya prick. We've had wars and
   everything else since. Fuckin' stupid.

   No, what I was meanin' is if the piece of
   paper is like a map- a map TO a treasure

   Fuck that. I ain't gonna go round digging
   no more. The fuckers that buried this
   should'a left the treasure here. I don't
   play no hide and go seek.

   But you didn't do no digging. Me and Joey

Fiori slaps Johnny on the back of his head, then walks over to Joey
and slaps him too just for the hell of it. A noise is heard of the
chain being broken by Frankie.

Frankie opens the chest. There is a skeleton of a man inside.

   A body?

    FIORI (O.S.)
   Fuck! It figures.

   Hey, we found King Tut.


   Fuck King Tut, throw him back in the hole.

   You crazy? Mueseums pay big bucks for mummies.

   No shit?

    TOMMY (O.S.)
   No shit.

The skeleton has missing chunks of bone in various areas including
the skull, and there are puncture holes everywhere as if something
took bites from this person.

   Whoever did this, sure did a number on this

   Look at all the holes in his bones.

   They look like bite marks. Look at the skull.

   Looks like a monster bit half of his skull
   right off.

Frankie pulls something from one of the holes in the skeleton, and
hands it to Robert. It is a solid sharp piece of iron in the shape
of a tooth.

   Here. Monsters don't have iron teeth.
   Probably some wiseguy like us, did a number
   on this guy. Really old wiseguys- our


Robert looks curiously at the piece of iron. Fiori grabs it from him
and looks at it.

    ROBERT (O.S.)
   This ain't right. Something's wrong.

   Fuck you talkin' about?

   Those are real bite marks from somethin'-
   look at em'.

   We ain't gotta look at the marks. Frankie
   said they ain't bite marks...Frankie
   knows about skeletons...Frankie knows
   about bodies...So, what Frankie says...

    FIORI (CONT'D, O.S.)
   Right Frankie?

Frankie removes a cloth from the skeleton's hands and sees a golden,
square, puzzle box gripped tightly by the bodies bony fingers.
Frankie takes the box and looks at it in awe not paying attention
to anyone else.

   Yeah...that's right...I know about bodies...
   but I dunno about this.

Frankie stands and gazes closely at the puzzle box like he was in a
trance. The others crowd around him looking at it too.


   Is it gold?

   It's somethin'.

   We're fuckin' rich. If it ain't gold, then
   a mueseum will buy it right?

   Johnny, Joey finish up.

Frankie and Robert walk away with the chest.

   Hurry up flamers.

Johnny and Joey pick up the tarp with the bloody man's body and they
drop it into the hole.

        CUT TO:


A family sits quietly eating dinner. RODGE, is the father. MARIA, is
the mother, and ROGER, is an eight-year-old boy. Rodge finishes
chewing a mouthful of food and reaches to grab a plate of bread.

A noisy chewing sound is heard. Rodge looks over at Maria, but she
isn't making the noise. Rodge looks over at Roger, but he isn't
making the chewing noises either. Rodge still looks at Roger as if
he was responsible.


Rodge takes another bite of food. The chewing noise is heard again.
Rodge looks over at Roger again, but Roger is drinking his milk.

   I thought I told you to stop that.

Roger puts down his milk and wipes his milk mustache.

   Stop drinking milk?

   Don't get wise.

Rodge continues eating. Maria's P.O.V. looks at Roger sneaking a
piece of bread onto his lap. The noisy, chewing sound is heard again.

P.O.V. shows cute, baby opossums chewing pieces of bread. They all
nestle on the boy's lap as if he were their mother.

    RODGE (CONT'D, O.S.)
   Goddamnit Roger!


   What's he supposed to do Rodge?

   They're orphans and we got to feed them, but
   not at the damn table. Those little chompin'
   noises are really annoying.

Several of the opossums climb up Roger's shirt and look at his dad
as they sniff around at the rest of the food on the table.

   But they think I'm their mommy.

A car is heard pulling up on a gravel driveway outside. Maria looks
at Rodge curiously.

   Who could that be?

Maria looks out the window.

   It's Frankie.


   They were just here two weeks ago. Are they
   here for the books?

   They can't be.

   You know Rodge, I don't want to be associated
   with these people. They think they can come
   and go when they please- order us around.
   Just tell them to go someplace else.

   It's not that easy Maria.

Maria grabs some plates of food and leaves the room angry.

    MARIA (O.S.)
   Three years of this Rodge. I've had enough.
   If you're too scared to say something then I

   No you won't!

        CUT TO:


Rodge sits at a desk. Robert walks over and places a stack of
notebooks next to him. Rodge looks up at Robert with a miserable look.

   Big week huh?

   Like you wouldn't believe. Just hurry and
   get'em done. And tell that kid a'yers ta'
   bring us some lemonade.

Rodge doesn't answer. Robert then gets close to Rodge's ear and
yells at him.



        CUT TO:


Roger is carrying glasses of lemonade in a wooden crate out to the

Roger sets the crate of lemonade on a bale of hay by all the men.
Everyone grabs a glass exept for Frankie who is sitting on another
bale of hay caressing the puzzle box with his finger.

Roger begins to walk away, but Fiori trips him and he falls.


   Have a nice trip kid?

   You dick!

   What was that kid? You got some balls talkin'
   to me like that.

   I don't care who you are.

   You don't care huh? I think you do. And if
   you don't then I'm sure your parents care.
   How would you like to wake up one mornin'
   seein em' dead, huh?

Roger stays quiet and walks away.

    FIORI (CONT'D, O.S.)
   That's what I thought you little lardass.

Joey looks at Fiori confused since the boy is nothing but skin and

   Fiori that kid ain't fat.

   Ya'right Joey, I was thinking about you when
   I said it- lardass.


        CUT TO:


Maria is talking on the phone.

   If you could just get the message to Mr.
   Stone I would be grateful.

Maria listens to the other person talk.

   I just don't want to be involved any longer-
   I have a child.

Maria listens to the other person talk again.

   No, I don't care how much. Please, can you
   just ask him if he could find another
   accountant to do his books. We put in three
   years, I think we have the right to stop.
   Yes. Goodbye.

        CUT TO:


Roger is walking back over by the barn kicking a rock from boredom.
There are men screaming in pain. Chains are heard thrown around, and
there are scary Werewolf-like growls and munching sounds.

Roger could go to the end of the barn where the entrance is shining
strange lights from but is too terrified of the sounds.

Roger sits with his back to the barn and just listens to all the men
moaning and screaming. He also is hearing an unfamiliar man's voice.

    PINHEAD (O.S.)

More chains are heard rattling. There is more screaming. There are
horrible flesh tearing sounds. Roger sits and waits looking more
confused than terrified.

All the screams, chains, and voices cease instantly. There aren't
anymore sounds coming from the barn.

Roger finally gets up and walks towards the barn entrance.

        CUT TO:


Roger slowly walks into the barn. Nobody is in the barn. There are
large pools of blood across the barn floor.

   They're all gone. How could they just vanish?

Roger just walks around the barn curious to what happend. He notices
something shining over on a bale of hay. The puzzle box catches his
eye as it sits with a glare of moonlight, shining through a window,
reflecting off of it.

Roger walks over to the puzzle box, picks it up, and gazes at it.


        CUT TO:


Roger is sleeping in his bed. Maria walks into the dark room and sits
beside him tucking him in.

   Were they mean to you?

   A little.

   Don't worry, I don't think they'll be around
   much longer.

Maria looks on a dresser by an opened window and sees the puzzle box
sitting in a ray of moonlight.

   What's that?

   I found it.

Maria walks to the box, picks it up, and gazes at it, but then just
puts it back in the beam of light thinking it's just another toy.

   Pretty wierd. Get some sleep. I have to see
   what else they're gonna need before I turn in.

   But they're gone.

   They already left? Are you sure?

   Yeah, they just disappeared.

   Disappeared huh? What do you want for

   I don't care.

   Good night.

Maria leaves the room. Roger looks under the covers and sees all the
baby opossums cuddling up next to him. Roger then rests his head in
the pillow and looks over at the puzzle box sitting in the ray of

        CUT TO:


    ARGUING (O.S.)

Roger wakes up from hearing a bunch of arguing in the kitchen.
Roger's P.O.V. first notices the puzzle box over on his dresser
sitting in a ray of sunlight reflecting patterns all over his walls.

Roger gets out of bed not waking his baby opossums.

        CUT TO:


Roger walks into the kitchen and sees his mom and dad tied up in

   Mom, Dad!

PETE, is a middle-aged mobster in a suit, and has scars across his
face. Pete grabs Roger and throws him against the wall.

       (to Maria)
   I thought you said he was at his Aunt's-
   lyin bitch.

Pete goes and slaps Maria across her face really hard.

   Roger they didn't leave last night- their
   car is still outside. Tell us what happend.

GEORGY, is a tall, stocky mobster with a slight hunch. He wears an
eyepatch and has burns across his face. Georgy now slaps Maria across
her face.


REX, AND ROCCO are identical twins in suits with derby hats on, and
they are wearing leather gloves. They both kneel next to Roger on
the floor.

    PETE (O.S.)
   So kid, you wanna tell us what happend to
   the other guys that were here.

   I went-

Before Roger speaks Rex punches him in the face leaving his nose


    RODGE (O.S.)
   You sonofa-

Georgy is heard beating Rodge.

   By the way kid, that's to remind you to
   tell us the truth, so...

   I don't know what happend. I heard them
   screaming. I was hearing strange noises,
   like monsters or something. When they went
   in the barn they were gone- they

Rex now punches Roger in his face.


   Ain't good enough kid. You think this is
   some kind of game? We ain't playin'.

   I could do this all night kid. Actually,
   I would prefer it.

   You're gonna look like a completely
   different person.

Roger looks away from Rex and Rocco angrily. Roger looks up at Pete
while wiping blood from his busted nose.

   I told you what happend.

Rex punches Roger in his face again, then Rocco punches him from the
other side of his face. A trail of blood is now falling down a large
open cut on Roger's face.

   Ya gonna be like a boxin' champ- all busted

Roger just sits on the floor too weak to move. Rocco and Rex stand
up and leave him.

   Let em' regain his strength before round

   Please, he's telling the truth. We went to
   bed thinking they had left. Maybe they went
   someplace on foot.

   Or maybe you two took em' someplace like out
   in those woods, in a dirt hole let's say.
   Got the up-n-up on em'.

   You think we killed them? How would we be
   able to do that?

   Tell us? Where did those large pools of blood
   come from in your barn?

   Yeah, and no sign of Frankie or anyone else.

   There's blood in the barn?

Pete just quietly looks at Maria then snaps his fingers. Georgy unties
her and pulls her by her hair.


        CUT TO:



Maria is thrown to the ground in a large pool of blood. She continues
whining and crying.

   See this? Don't you play stupid bitch!

   I don't know where this came from, I swear.


Georgy kicks Maria in the head. She falls face down on the soft,
bloody barn floor. Georgy now steps on her head pushing it into the

   Anything yet?

   I swear I don't know.

Georgy continues pushing her head further into the floor with his
foot. There is so much blood on the floor it starts going into her
mouth. Georgy is drowning her in the blood on the barn floor.

   Ya think we were born yesterday? Ya just
   called us complainin' about these guys
   bein' over here all the time. So, Mr.
   Stone say's he'll do what he could
   do. You couldn't wait could ya'? Ya' got
   rid of em' yerself.

Maria raises her head long enough to shout a few words.

   You fuckin' assholes, I'll fuckin' kill-

Georgy stomps her head into the blood.

   Wrong thing to say bitch! You ain't gonna
   do to us what you did to them.

   Maybe she didn't do it? Maybe it was her

   Then we'll send him a message.

Pete points a gun at her head.

        CUT TO:


The gunshot is heard in the kitchen. Rodge has duct tape across his
mouth. He puts his head down and cries knowing his wife was shot.
Roger sits on the floor too weak to cry.

   Hear that Rodge? There goes the old bitch.


        CUT TO:


A constant beating of fists to Rodge's face is seen. Roger just
cries not being able to help his father.

Roger's P.O.V. looks across the kitchen floor and sees a baby opossum
come out of his bedroom and scurry across the floor. The opossum
looks around confused not knowing where Roger, (its mommy), is. Roger
now musters up some energy to start talking, so the opossum can find

   Leave my dad alone...please...please.

    ROCCO (O.S.)
   Shadup kid!

The opossum now moves towards Roger's voice. It runs past the large
men's feet without them noticing. The opossum comes to a halt looking
around and sniffing again.

   Please...leave him alone...we told you-

Rocco walks over to Roger and punches him in his already bruised face.

   Are you deaf or somethin'?

Roger sees the opossum run more, but then stop. Roger begins to
speak again even though he knows he'll get hit again.

   We didn't do anything...they just disappeared.

The opossum runs all the way to Roger finally finding its way.
Roger quickly puts it safely in the back of his pants. Rocco comes
over and punches Roger again in the face.

   Kid, I asked you if you were deaf?

   They didn't just disappear kid, they ain't

    GEORGY (O.S.)
   What if he's right?

Roger sees another opossum come out of his room, then another, and
another. They walk into the kitchen sniffing around. They now all
split up different ways sniffing the mobsters' shoes. Quickly Roger
starts talking again fearing the opossums will be seen or get
stepped on.

   Yeah...what if I'm right? You guys can't
   stay here anymore're stinkin'
   up the place.

The opossums all run together towards Roger.

Rex grabs a pencil off the table, goes over to Roger and shoves it
into his ear.

   There! Now you're deaf!


Roger pulls the pencil out of his bloody ear and cries. The opossums
come to him finally. Still in pain, Roger grabs all the opossums and
stashes them behind his back.

    GEORGY (O.S.)
   What if it was the Vragilli mob?

    PETE (O.S.)
   Yeah. You know what- I forgot about that. It
   don't really matter though, we can still have
   some fun with these two. We ain't gotta be in
   town till next week- so, we'll just shack up
   her until then.

    GEORGY (O.S.)
   With the nerve this kid's got we should
   recruit him.

    REX (O.S.)
   He just needs his fuckin' ass kicked.

    ROCCO (O.S.)
   Ain't that the truth.

Roger is holding his ear in pain.

   Beat me all you want you pansies just leave
   my dad alone.

   Why? You wanna take his beatin's for him?

   What does it matter? How much worse can
   they be?

   You shouldnt'a said that kid, cause Georgy
   really loves a challenge.

Georgy smiles at Roger.

   You hear that Rodgey? The kid's gonna take
   the old man's beatin's- how proud you must

        CUT TO:


Roger is laying in his bed.

    ROCCO (O.S.)
   Hey kid, time ta' eat!

Roger sits up and quickly checks on his opossums, who are hidden in
a pillowcase that's next to his other pillows.

   Do I gotta come in there?

   I'm coming.

        CUT TO:


Roger is sitting at the table with all the mobsters. Rodge is sitting
bound and beaten in between Rex and Rocco. Rodge is barely concious.
Rex and Rocco are taking turns feeding him like a child.

   Come on eat up. You need your energy.

   Here comes the airplane.

Pete is sitting and eating a steak dinner while amusingly watching
Rex and Rocco. Georgy walks by and drops a plate with a steak on it
in front of Roger.


Roger takes a bite out of his steak slowly from the painful bruises
across his cheek. Roger looks over at Pete who watches Rex and Rocco
feed Rodge.

Rocco puts a spoon to Rodge's mouth, but Rodge doesn't open. Rocco
then forces the spoon in Rodge's mouth. The food just pours out his
mouth and down his chin.


Rocco punches Rodge in the face knocking him unconcious.

    GEORGY (O.S.)
   You moron!

   Dammit Rocco. He's gonna be out for two
   hours now, at least.

   So- we still got the kid.

   Why's this kid so cooperative anyways?

   Ya almost done eatin' kid? You still got a
   few more bites of steak left- eat up.

   He even already ate all his bread.

   Finish up those vegetables too- lotta
   vitamin C in those fuckin' things- they
   heal bruises.

Roger just looks down at his plate and eats slowly.

        CUT TO:


Roger has finished eating and has built up his strength again. He sits
in a chair while Rex and Rocco take turns punching him in the arm as
hard as they can. Roger is in pain, but keeps taking the beating.


While Roger is distracted by the pain in his bruised arm, Rex and
Rocco move out of the way while Georgy sneaks from behind carrying
a large iron pan.




Roger falls from his chair screaming. As he tries to move his arm we
hear the crunching sound of bone grinding together. Rocco now holds
his foot on top of Roger's head holding him still.

Boiling water is now poured all over Roger's neck and into his bloody

    GEORGY (O.S.)
   Here's a bath're the one stinkin'
   up the place.


        CUT TO:


The mobsters are seen playing cards through the doorway. Rodge is
still tied up in one of the chairs.

Roger stumbles slowly to his bed afraid to touch the pussing sores
and burns covering his swollen neck.

Roger lies on his pillow in pain. He forces himself to grab hidden
bread pieces and put them into the pillowcase with the opossums.

        CUT TO:


Roger is standing in the quiet kitchen with his pillowcase. He walks
towards his father keeping his neck stiff not wanting to disturb the
blistered, bleeding burns on his neck. He nudges his dad.


One of the mobsters' snores is heard suddenly from another room.

   Dad...come on dad...let's go.

Rodge musters up the energy to raise his good arm and wave it as
if he was motioning for his son to leave without him.

   No dad...I'm not leaving without you-
   come on.

Roger tries helping his father up, but Rodge just moans in pain


    GEORGY (O.S.)
   Shut the hell up!

Roger sneaks back into his room.

        CUT TO:


Roger is sitting at the table eating with all the mobsters as they
wait to beat him more.

    REX (O.S.)
   Look at this!

Roger notices Rex has just picked up one of his opossums up by its
tail. Another opossum is seen leaving Roger's room. Rocco picks that
one up by its tail.


Roger gets up, but is shoved back in his chair and punched by

   These must be his pets.

Rex observes the hanging opossum.

   What are they- rats?

    ROCCO (O.S.)
   They're opossums dumbass.

   Ugly fuckin' things.

   Let's go have some fun with'em.

   Leave them alone- beat me instead.

Rex and Rocco leave outside with the opossums. Georgy grabs Roger by
his neck firmly, busting open postules. Georgy throws Roger in his
room on the floor.

   You can't come.

Georgy leaves. Roger looks out his window and sees Rex and Rocco
laughing going towards the barn.

Roger lies on his bed crying helplessly. He looks over on his dresser
and sees the puzzle box catching his eye with a ray of moonlight
shining from it.

        CUT TO:


Roger's P.O.V. walks into the barn and sees the mobsters scaring
the opossums by making them run back and forth between their stomping
feet. The mobsters notice Roger. Rex picks up the opossums by their
tails as they growl and hiss. Rex walks over to Roger and kneels
before him.

   Ohhh..I'm so sorry...are these your wittle
   bitty babies I got here-

Roger swings the puzzle box out from behind his back and smashes it
into Rex's head. Rex falls over bleeding. Rocco knocks Roger to the
ground. Roger's P.O.V. watches the scared opossums run towards the
forest. Roger smiles joyously.

        CUT TO:


Roger is thrown in his room again.

   Just wait till I get my hands on you

Georgy leaves. Roger lies in his bed massaging the blood across the
puzzle box.


Roger thinks of the little opossums running for their lives towards
the forest.


Roger smiles while still massaging the puzzle box.

        CUT TO:


Roger sits at the table with his neck looking infected. Georgy stands
over Roger. Pete now walks into the room.

   His head ain't lookin' too good.

   Here that kid? You gave ole' Rexy a whopper.
   I'm gonna tell you what. If you can beat me
   in 3 card monte, we'll let you slide this one
   time. You ever play that before?


   Tell you what- I'll teach you. It's easy.
   You're name is Monte, alright?

Pete leaves. Georgy grabs Roger's hand and busts three of his fingers
one at a time very quickly.

   There's one...two...three.


   See, 3 card Monte. Now let's play blind man's

Georgy walks over to Rodge who sits quiet and beaten. Georgy wraps
duct tape over Rodge's eyes.

   There, he's blindfolded. Now let's see if
   he can answer my question.

Georgy grabs Rodge's hair and tilts his head back.

   Rodgey- how many states are in the U.S.?

Rodge can't talk. Georgy nods his head up and down as if Rodge had
answered him.

   Mmm. Na, I think he's bluffin'.

Georgy now stabs a kitchen knife through Rodge's throat.


Rodge gargles his own blood and dies.

   Goddamn you!

    ROCCO (O.S.)
   Look what I fuckin' found.

Rocco is holding a pillow case that has something alive inside.

   More of em'. The kid had it stashed.

   Leave them alone!

Rocco swings the pillowcase at the wall like a baseball bat over
and over again smashing and killing the opossums inside. Roger is
crying severely.'re gonna pay..I

   Kid, what could you possibly do to us?

Rocco now starts beating Roger with the bloody pillowcase.

    PETE (O.S.)
   Hey, stop fuckin' around.

Pete walks in holding up Rex who looks really dizzy.

   We'll finish that later. Go call the doc,
   tell'em get here quick- we'll be waitin'
   on the porch.

        CUT TO:


Roger is still crying. He gets up, grabs the puzzle box, and walks
over to the door. Roger's P.O.V. sees the four mobsters waiting out
on the porch. Roger grips the puzzle box as if he wanted to go
behind them and bash them all in the head.

Roger just closes his door and goes and lies on his bed. He is
crying out of control. His finger is caressing the puzzle box
unknowingly activating it.

The window and the door seem to vanish. His room grows larger and
dark. There are cracks forming in the walls letting in slices of dim
lighting from the bowels of hell. Chains and hooks are heard swaying
loosely from the unseen ceiling. Growling is heard. Two werewolves
run out from the darkness towards Roger's bed, but they are suddenly
jerked back by the chains that hold them; very thick chains. Roger
jumps back against his wall horrified and silent.

The werewolves now stand normally on their hind legs; they stand
taller than grizzlies. They are hellish hounds that have been
through a life of torture. Fastened inside their mouths are moving
chains of sharp, metal teeth; almost the same as the moving chain
and teeth of a chainsaw. Their ears are held upward with a rod
pierced through the middle. Their eyes have been cauterized.

The werewolves walk back into the darkness.

Appearing now from the darkness are cenobites. Each of them is
horribly mutilated by systems of hooks and pins. The garments they
wear are elaborated constructed leather to marry with their flesh,
laced through places, hooked into bone. The leader, Pinhead, has
pins driven into his head at inch intervals. Another cenobite,
Bobblehead, walks out of the dark. Its neck is shaven on all sides
leaving little muscle around the spine, which is the only thing
holding the head as it tilts back and forth. Leather covers its
head except for the mouth and eyes, which are empty sockets. From
the top of its head is a large rod pounded through its skull and
out its mouth. The pointy end of the rod hits against a metal
plate that's stitched into its chest every time the head tilts

Pinhead turns facing Roger curiously looking upon his wounds. Roger
looks shocked, but seems saddened and too beaten to be frightened.

   Your name child.

   Roger. You came from this box?

   Indeed. You have summoned us.

Pinhead looks at Roger's wounds again.

   It is pain you desire.

   Someone did this to me.

   There are torturers here? So, that is why
   you do not fear us. Nevertheless, these
   wounds of yours will be your only happy
   rememberence compared to what you will
   endure- your teeth will chatter in my

A chain now shoots from the darkness into Roger's cheek pulling it
away from his gums.

   Ahhh- wait.

   Waiting is a game your mind forces you to
   play. Hoping for one day that your pain
   will cease. It will never.

   The ones who beat me- I want revenge.


   I can give them to you...please...I can
   take you to them....then you can do what
   you want with me...I swear.

   I do not deal.

   Please, take my soul, whatever you want.
   All I ask is for revenge. To kill the evil
   men that are in this house. They're so close
   to you, can't you feel it?

   Evil men. The ones that did this?

   Yes. They've taken everything from me.

   I wouldn't say that. You still have
   suffering left.

   Please, they think they can't be touched.
   When I wish them dead, they laugh.

   I will make this deal to have these others,
   and to have you- an agreement for all of time.

The hook is pulled out ripping through Roger's cheek. Roger holds his
cheek in pain.

The cenobties walk back into the darkness.

   Bring them to me.

Roger's bedroom is back to normal.

        CUT TO:


Roger sits on the barn floor crying with a pitchfork sticking out
of his leg. Georgy, Pete, Rocco, and Rex sit on bales of hay laughing
at Roger. Rex has a bandage on his head.

   How are you gonna kill us? Both your parents
   are dead. There's noone here to help you.
   And you're just a runt- a runt in really bad

Roger gives Rex a dirty look then pulls the pitchfork out of his leg.

   Ahhhh. How does it feel to know I'm going to
   rip you all to shreds very slowly?



Roger pulls the puzzle box out from behind his back and starts
moving his finger across it.

   Laugh all you want. You're all fucking dead.


   Kid thinks he's gonna whack me again with
   his toy.

   Fuckin' stupid.

   Playin' with your toys ain't gonna do you any
   good kid- you're still gonna die.

   Not by you.

The puzzle box is in its final mechanism. It closes. The barn starts
getting dark.

   What the hell.

   This box is what killed your friends. And now
   you're going to see what hell looks like.

The darkness is now all around them. The barn entrance has vanished.
They all look around dumbfounded. The sounds of chains and hooks are

   How'd it get so dark in here?

   I don't know.

Growling sounds of werewolves are heard hidden in the darkness.

   Something's in here.

   What is that? A grizzly?

Pinhead now walks out from the dark revealing himself. They all are
startled in fear.


   What did you do kid? What the fuck did you

Roger sits smiling. Pinhead looks over to Roger then back at the

   Here are the scavengers of our methods. A
   lesson needs taught. Lessons of knowing
   how to sear flesh- to make blood boil- to
   make white powder from the grinding of

   Holy shit!

   Shoot it! Shoot it!

Rex points his gun at Pinhead and fires. Pinhead is shot in his
shoulder. Pinhead is in no pain, but realizes he has been harmed.
Pinhead looks at Rex angry then sends dozens of hooks into his skin.

   Ahhhh...Georgy help me.

Georgy dashes towards Roger to grab the box. Roger shoves the
pitchfork into Georgy's belly before Pinhead throws his hooks.

    GEORGY fuckin' little-

Roger shoves the pitchfork deeper into Georgy's stomach. Pinhead
looks at Roger and smirks sensing Roger's enjoyment.

   I told you I was going to kill you.

Hooks now shoot and bury into Pete and Rocco's flesh holding them
in place. Pinhead pulls the bullet from his shoulder with a long,
sharp tool. He holds the bullet in his fingertips.

   What is this? A means to injure me-

   Please...please...don't kill me.

   Not me. It is Roger here- who will
   watch your tears.

The chains pull Rex closer to the growling beasts in the dark.

   What...what are you doing...please.

The werewolves are heard galloping towards Rex.

Two werewolves lift Rex up and begin biting him. Rex's one arm is
caught in the moving teeth of one werewolf. The other is clawing
away Rex's skin from his bone.

Lumps of Rex's skin are tossed into a bloody pile. Rex is skinned,
but kept alive.

Roger is now shot with hooks and pulled towards the pile of skin.

   It's time to fear me. Time to accept.
   Time to enjoy.

Roger simply cries. A large machine comes out from behind Roger
grabbing him. It levitates Roger then begins to place bolts and
screws along his arms and legs. Now wires are attached to the
bolts and pulled taught. Roger's bones are beings stretched. His
eyes are put out and his ears sliced off. Roger is so horrified,
he chatters his teeth rather than scream.

The machine continues stretching Roger. Roger is becoming taller
now like the size of an average man.

Roger is now six feet tall, but very thin as if his leg bones were
merely stilts. The machine now pulls Roger into some molding tray.
Now lumps of skin from the pile are grabbed and put into the tray.
The tray closes around Roger's body pressing new skin on his bones.
Now the machine uses wire to stretch Roger's mouth into a rectangle
exposing his frightened, chattering teeth. Skin is brought to the
head mold. The head mold closes around Roger's head blowing out
steam and blood from the intense pressure. Leather is now attached
to his body.

Roger walks out from the machine as the cenobite, THE CHATTERER.
He is now the size of a man. He has no eyes or nose only his
revealed chattering teeth, which have been untouched.

The Chatterer walks over to Pete and Rocco, and begins slicing them
apart slowly with his long blade.

        CUT TO:



A group of mafiosos walk out of the barn. One man, JAKEY, is a young
man. He and the others walk towards a man who is lighting a cigar.

BLACKIE STONE; his real name Cirabino, was nicknamed Blackie from his
appearance. Under his black derby hat is his strange black hair and
a patch over his left eye.

   Blackie, I ain't never seen so much blood
   before. There ain't no sign of anyone...
   except for the lady and her husband.

Jakey is now closer to Blackie. Jakey's P.O.V. shows Blackie's strange
appearance. Blackie removes his derby hat to itch his head. It wasn't
Blackie's black hair under his hat it was black tar leaking down from
his head onto his face. And he didn't have an eye patch, it was black
tar that melted out his left eye and formed in the socket. He also has
tar spilt down the right side of his face, which had melted away his

   Maybe it was their kid.

   I don't know Blackie...kid can't do somethin'
   like this. Fiori's crew....Pete's- it had to
   be Vragilli.

   Maybe. Did you look in the car?

   Not yet.

        CUT TO:


Blackie, Jakey, and the others are on the opposite side of the barn.
One of the men opens the trunk revealing the chest that was dug up.

   Fuck is that?

Jake opens the chest, but nothing is inside.


   What do you want me to do with it?

   The car goes to Johnny's. Take the chest over
   to my place.

Blackie rubs his hand across the old carvings of the chest.

   It's an antique.

Another young man, RANDY, runs over to Blackie holding the gold puzzle

   Look what I found Blackie.

Rusty hands Blackie the puzzle box.

   What is it?

   Dunno. It was in the blood.


Blackie hands Jakey the box then takes a rag out and wipes his hands

   Can I have it?

   I don't care.

        CUT TO:


Many people are mingling and drinking. Some guys look like wiseguys,
but most look like city officials or rich business men.

Jakey sits at the bar amazed at the puzzle box while he plays with it.
Blackie walks over to him.

   Stop playin' with that thing. When the mayor
   gets here I wanna introduce you. But for now
   lay back for an hour or so.



   But why Blackie? I wanna stay here.

   A few of Wayne's guys are coming to show their

   What! They're comin' here?

   Yeah, I don't need no rough housing tonight.
   Now go back with the others.

        CUT TO:


Blackie's crew are playing cards and relaxing in the back room of the
Tavern. Jakey walks in.

    MAFIOSO #1
   What's up?

   Wayne's guys.

    MAFIOSO #2
   Those pricks.

        CUT TO:


Blackie puts his hand on the back of the Mayor stopping him from

   Hold on Mr. Mayor there's one more person I
   want you to Brother-In-Law.


   One minute.

Blackie leaves the bar area through the kitchen.


Blackie walks through the kitchen that was busy not long ago. Now the
Chefs are all cleaning up. Blackie grabs an appetizer from a table
and keeps walking towards a hallway.


Blackie walks down a long hallway. The music from the Tavern becomes
more faint.

   Hey Jakey!

Blackie gets closer to a door at the end of the hallway.

   I told you I want you to meet the mayor.
   What's wrong with you?


Blackie opens the door and sees only spilled playing cards and blood
on the floor.

   Jakey! No. Fuck!

Blackie walks around the room confused. Right from under my own

Blackie picks up the puzzle box that sits in blood. He holds it next
to his chest and cries.

   Jakey...Jakey...I'm sorry...I should have
   have had them taken out long ago.

        CUT TO:


Blackie hugs his sister BETTY. Betty is crying.

   I know...don't you worry I'm gonna get'em-
   every last one.

   He's dead. If they can get to him in a public
   place with all you there then how are we
   going to be safe- we're next.

Blackie hugs Betty again. JENNY is an eight-year-old girl. She walks
up to them.

   Mommy what's wrong?

   Nothing honey. I'll tell you later.

Blackie kneels down in front of his niece. He holds his hands behind
his back.

   Guess which hand.

Jenny points. Blackie pulls out the puzzle box and hands it to her.

   Here. Your Daddy wants you to have this.

Jenny happily runs away with the box. Blackie stands up.

   Most the crew is gone. It's only me, Jori,
   and Paulie- I've got alot of planning to do.
   But for now I hired an outsider to protect

Blackie walks to the front door and whistles outside.

   Don't get freaked out by him. If anyone
   planned any more hits, they'll change their
   minds now. Not many people have ever seen
   him and lived except for me..and now you.

A six foot hitman in a suit walks in. The man's left hand is held
at his side stiff as a board. His fingers are curled up held frozen
in a strangling grasp. His other arm is held inside his suit resting.
The man wears sunglasses.

   Oh my God!

Betty cups her hand over her mouth from fright.

   His hand...that's...that's...the Strangler.


   I don't want him here! He's killed dozens
   of women. He's a mass murderer...and he's
   wanted by the cops.

   Cops ain't lookin' for him cause he don't
   exist- he's a myth. And dozens of women?
   That's quite a small number compared to over
   four hundred men.

The strangler smiles softly at Betty. Betty stares at him in awe.

   It's true...he's strangled so many people his
   nerves has stiffened his hand.

   Ya make an ugly face, it may stay that way.

   That's hardly funny. I can't believe...the
   Strangler is in my house.

   You're safe. I'll be back tomorrow.

Betty goes into the kitchen.

        CUT TO:


Blackie, Jakey, and a few others are in some abandoned warehouse.

Above them on another level are two men about ready to drop a vat
of something over them. The men seem to be arguing quietly. They
shake the vat while arguing and a glob of hot tar falls onto
Blackie's head scalding him and disfiguring his face.

Jakey pulls Blackie away.

Blackie's other men shoot the men above. The vat pours onto Blackie's
men melting them, and scalding them to death.

        CUT TO:



Blackie awakes in sweat. He immediately touches the top of his head
carefully to see if the nightmare was true.

        CUT TO:


Blackie walks in through the front door and sees blood on the stairs.


Blackie looks over in the living room and sees another pile of bood.

   Oh God, not my niece!

Blackie runs up the stairs.


Blackie walks into the room and sees blood everywhere.

Blackie looks down on the floor at the puzzle box. He now realizes
what it is.

   It can't be.


Blackie remembers the pools of blood in the empty barn. He remembers
Jakey wanting the box.

He remembers Jakey playing with the box in the bar. And how there
was no trace of anyone left in the food storage room; only blood.

He remembers how he knelt down and happily handed his niece the
puzzle box thinking it was a toy.


Blackie picks the box up. He quickly forgets about his niece. He
caresses the box in a wonderous greed.

The box becomes activated. Blackie drops it and backs away scared. He
just looks at it.

The box now closes the way it was not being activated any further.

Blackie now goes and picks up the box carefully.

        CUT TO:


Blackie and his crew have a young man tied to a chair in some

   What do you guys want from me?

Blackie removes his hat and leans over showing the young man the top
of his head. The young man's P.O.V. sees Blackie's skull is very
thin almost translucent, which slightly reveals his brain.

   See this. My skull is almost completely melted
   away. Doctors say I should be dead. If
   anything hits the top of my head I'll die-
   that's why I wear this derby hat with an
   iron top.

   Jesus. That's horrible're
   Cirabino Stone...Blackie. Is this about my
   Uncle or something?

   You got it. I'm the one that made him
   disappear. You're the only living relative he
   has left. I have to wipe your family tree
   clean, so there aren't any problems down the
   road, capish?

   What? I'm not in the mob. I was always against
                        all that...please...I have a girlfriend...I
                        don't care about your business.

The mafiosos put a metal helmet on the young man's head. It is hooked
up to some generator. It's turned on.

The young man bleeds from his eyes, ears, and mouth as he is
electrocuted. Blackie smiles unmercifully.

        CUT TO:


Blackie lays in his bed. Instead of jumping awake like his last
dream he just opens his eyes and thinks as if he was given an idea.

        CUT TO:


Blackie sits at a circular booth looking at the box. Three men sit
with him. JUAN, an overweight hispanic man. JORI, Blackie's thin,
compulsive smoking cousin. And VERNE, a serious black man.

   So, we gotta deal?

   If I help you- it's fifteen percent?

   Sounds too good.

   You guys have never stepped in my way in the
   past. That's one reason I'm letting you in on
   this, but the other reason is I need you. When
   this all comes through- we'll be like family.

   Giving me fifteen percent of 5 million
                        dollars- every year. The only way you'd be
   able ta do dat is if you completely took ova
   Chicago. It all sounds good, but you still
   didn't tell us how you gonna do it.

   Don't worry about that. It's a suprise even
   to Jori.

   I don't know Blackie. The plans you made in
   the past are legendary, but this- you're
   takin' on everyone at once.

   My man's right. Even if you had my crew, and
   Juan's out there watchin' the streets and
   and takin' out the strays. How we gonna know
   your idea worked? We'd be dead if it didn't.
   And what about Vragilli's? They on top- they
   can't be touched.

PAULIE, is Blackie's huge, fat cousin. Paulie walks over to the table
with two young men. TOMMY, is the cocky one, and TOBY is his follower.

    PAULIE (O.S.)
   Blackie, I got a couple'a guys here for ya.

   For what? We don't need the toilets cleaned.


   C'mon now that ain't necessary.

   They say they wanna be made.

   They do huh?

Tommy goes to shake hands with Blackie.

   Blackie- um, Mr. Stone, it's an honor to meet
   you. I just wanted to say that I'll do anything
   to work for you sir. I'm the best there is.

   Sorry kid, we don't need any help.

   I ain't no kid! I can do anything- anything
   that your guys can do- I can do even better.

   We just thought you needed guys- everyone
   bein' wiped out n'all.

Tommy nudges Toby hushing him.

   What? Who'd you hear that from?

   He's stupid Blackie. He don't know what he's
   sayin' half-

   I asked him! So, where did you hear this

   It's all over the streets. Rumours of someone
   wiping out your whole crew.

Blackie looks at Jori, Verne, and Juan concerned.

   Word's already out.

   I guess you do need us.

   They say you're done with- I don't believe it.
   Even if it's true- I wanna help you Blackie.
   I wanna help the best there ever was. I can
   do hits- as many as you need. I'm crazy,
   but I'm also smart, and loyal. I've even
   done things like-

A TALL, FAT, WHITE MAN interupts the men. The tall, fat, white man
points his finger at Verne.

   What the fuck is this Nigger doing in here?

Verne is about to stand up, but Blackie puts his hand on Verne's
hand restraining him.

   This gentlemen is with me. I suggest you
   leave while you still have a chance.

The tall, fat, white man looks over at Juan.

   You got spicks here too? This ain't no
   place for either of them- this ain't the

   Do you know who I am?

   Yeah, a Nigger lover and a Spick lover.

The tall, fat, white man looks at Blackie's hand on top of Verne's

   And a fuckin' queer.

Jori now attempts to stand up.

   No! Let me handle this. That's all we need
   is for the cops to show and see that
   moonshine ya got?


   Bootleggers too? Let me tell you something
   pal, this is a public place and I don't
   wanna see no Niggers while I'm trying to
   eat, and I don't wanna see any moonshine
   in here.

   Obviously you're hear on vacation.

   How the fuck did you know that?

   Because no one in their right fuckin'
   mind would talk to Blackie Stone like

   Blackie...Blackie're Blackie
   Stone...oh Jesus...I didn't know...please
   forgive me sir...I had no idea..I'll be
   leaving now.

The tall, fat, white man runs back to his table, grabs his coat,
and pulls his friend up out of a seat.

   What's wrong? Did you tell them guys or

   Let's go now! We're in the wrong place,
   I made a mistake. That's Blackie Stone
   over there.

   Jesus Christ.

Tommy watches the men leave then turns back to Blackie.

   See Blackie if you woulda' given me
   the go ahead I woulda gutted that fat ass
   along with his friend right here and now.

   I thought you said you were smart kid?

   Well, not here- I mean someplace else.

   I'm not sure. I'm gonna have to see what
   kind of job you can do.

   Holy shit! You mean you're gonna let me-
   let us in?

Tommy punches Toby overly excited.

   Let's go Toby. We got some provin' to do.
   It's cake. Don't worry Mr. Stone...we won't
   let you down. No traces, but I'll take a
   picture...the most disgusting one you've
   ever seen.

Tommy and Toby leave.

   Blackie, you really lettin' in those

   No. Just a little freelancing- I need
   all you here so we can finish our talk.


   Like I said before, we can take care of
   the loose ends, but the meat of it is on
   your part. You betta' got somethin' magical,
   man- I'm trusting you with my life.

   Are you gonna use bombs or something?

   You could say that.

   Okay, I didn't even think bout that. You
   probably got insidas'- I see. So, when
   do it begin?


        CUT TO:


GUSPACHO, is a fit, tanned Italian man. He sits in his golden chair
at the end of a long dining table. Twenty of Guspacho's men are in
the room, and some are seen out in the hallway.

Blackie and Jori are standing about ready to leave. Blackie shakes
hands with Guspacho.

   So you're out for good? I thought I would
   never hear the day that Cirabino Stone
   would be quittin' the life. God bless you.
   My street profits will now soar.

Blackie pulls out a black cloth and places it before Guspacho.
Blackie uncovers the gold puzzle box.

   What's this?

   A gift.

   You shouldn't have.

   I don't need it anymore.

   It's gold.

   Yeah, I guess. But what it really is is like
   a genie's lamp.

   Will it give me three wishes? (laughing)

   Maybe, it's brought me luck throughout the
   years just by having it. But the man who
   gave it to me said if I ever figured out
   how to open it- then I would get three
   wishes. I never figured it out though- all
   these years and I was unsuccessful. Maybe
   you'll have better luck.

Guspacho stands and hugs Blackie joyously.

   Really you shouldn't have Blackie. Thank

   You shouldn't have told me you're quittin'
   the life, Stone- now you're dead. Stupid

        CUT TO:


Paulie is driving in downtown Chicago.

   I don't see what good that did. You
   practically told'em you're givin' up.
   Nobody quits the life unless they're
   scared- they're gonna come after us.

   They already knew. I'm just playin' a game
   with them.

   What kind of game? Talk to me Blackie.

    PAULIE (O.S.)
   You told'em we ain't got no more crew?

   Let them think we're scared- it don't
   matter either way.

Paulie stops the car and gets out.

   What are we gonna do Blackie?

   Don't worry.

   How can you tell me not to worry?
   Cirabino Anthony Stone what the hell is
   wrong with you? They're gonna kill us
   knowin' we ain't got no protection.
   Especially now since you practically
   tried buyin'em off with gold.

Paulie comes back in the car with a dozen hot dogs.

   Let's go back now Paulie.

   To Guspacho's?

   Yeah. Park across the street.

   Why are we goin' back? So they can do
   away with us now?

   Did you bring the binocualars like I

   Yeah. Why? You wanna see it comin'?

Jori hands Blackie the binoculars.

   If I DIDN'T have a plan they still wouldn't
   do anything. They'd watch us for at least a
   week- see if we got any cards up our sleeves.
   And I DO have a card up mine; an ace.

   You know, I thought you were just lyin' to
   Verne and Juan. I thought maybe you were gonna
   take them down with the ship, but you're
   serious aren't you? What can the three of us
   do? Maybe we should leave the city Blackie?

   I like Verne and Juan.

    PAULIE (O.S.)
       (mouth stuffed with hotdog)
   Me too.

   And I really am forming an alliance when
   this is over. And I am giving them fifteen
   percent just like I said.

   I don't know what ideas you got in that
   head'a yours Blackie. Sometimes I think some
   of that tar got in your brain.

Blackie gives Jori an angry look.

   Alright, fine I'll relax, but the minute I
   think I'm gettin' capped, I'm leaving to
   Dakota or someplace.

Paulie pulls the car over across from the Guspacho mob home. Blackie
grabs the binoculars and looks out the window towards the house.
Paulie grabs one of the hotdogs and looks back at Jori.

   Want a dog?


Jori just lays back and sighs.

        CUT TO:


Jori is sleeping. Paulie is still eating. Blackie is still looking
out of the binoculars.

   There it is!

Jori wakes up suddenly. Paulie is startled and is coughing up his

   What? What's up?

Blackie has his eyes glued to the binoculars. Blackie is smiling.
Jori looks towards the house and sees flashes of light coming from
the windows of the house.

   What the hell is that? They lightin'

   It's happening.

   What's happening?

Blackie's P.O.V. through the binoculars sees the closeup of one of
the windows having blood splashed up against it. Now a man is slammed
against the window. He screams in horrific pain. A hairy, clawed
werewolf's hand scratches his face and pulls him away from the window.

Blackie drops the binoculars.


        CUT TO:


Blackie is standing in the dining room smiling. Jori and Paulie are
now seen walking in. They are disgusted and confused looking at all
the blood stained chairs and carpeting.


   What happend?

   Where are they?

Blackie picks up the puzzle box slightly hesitant at first. He gazes
at it then hands it to Jori.

   It's this. Watch you don't touch any of these

   Hey, I remember now- that's that toy Jakey
   was playin' with. You told Guspacho it was
   made outta gold.

   This is how we get back on top.

   What? This is your big plan?

   What else? Nobody came in or outta this
   place- we were in front the whole time. This
   thing killed Jakey, the crew, my sister,
   my niece, even the Strangler.

   You're sick. You mean to tell me that-

   No, this was before I understood what it
   was. I thought it was a toy too at first.

   Back up a sec- did you say the Strangler?

   The Strangler?


   C'mon Blackie. Strangler don't exist.

   Yeah he does- he did. Remember when we went
   to take out Sammy's boys and they were
   already dead? Remember the red marks on their


   You guys went through the back, but I went
   down the alley. I saw someone leaving down
   the alley, I knew it was him. I yelled out
   his name and he stopped. I went to him
   carefully and talked to him- asking how he
   could be reached if I ever needed him.

   I don't believe it.

   Wow, so you mean I come ta find out in one
   day there really is a Strangler, and now we
   got Pandora's box.

   That thing ain't Pandora's box.

   What is it? A bomb?

   Its just like a bomb. Wherever I leave it,
   it destroys whatever is around. It's some
   kind of magic- an evil magic. It's like a
   doorway to another place. What I saw in
   those binoculars...




   C'mon, there ain't no fuckin' werewolves.

   And there ain't no Strangler either?

Paulie wipes his fingers across settled blood on the table.

   With that box, all we gotta do is leave it
   with whoever we want done? Then what are
   we waiting for?

Jori smiles.

   I'll go check the safe.

   Paulie, make sure it looks like we were
   never here.

        CUT TO:


MEL CIRONE, is walking down a polished marble hallway of his home.
A maid walks up behind him.

   Mr. Cirone.

He turns around. The maid hands him a package.

   A man came. He gives this to you.

The maid walks away. Mel Cirone reads a note attached to the package.

   This is a gift of gold. It has brought luck
   and riches to me. Now that I'm out of the
   life, I pass it down to you. I hope I can
   stay in your good graces....Blackie Stone.
   Yeah, you're in my good graces- I'll get
   you the best casket money can buy...heh,

        CUT TO:


Blackie, Jori, and Paulie are walking around Mel Cirone's now empty
home. Blackie sees the puzzle box, picks it up, and holds it in
front of his face smiling.


The puzzle box is either left at, or taken to various mob families.

A mob guy answers the door. Paulie hands the guy a box of doughnuts
then reaches behind his back. The mob guy gets tense as if Paulie
was reaching for a gun, but Paulie calms him down then hands him
the gold puzzle box.

The mob guys are seen elsewhere jokingly rubbing the puzzle box
like a genie's lamp. Others laugh.

Later, the room becomes dark. Pinhead is now seen screaming as he
has just been let out of the box again to claim more souls.

At another time the puzzle box is placed on a porch by Jori, and
the doorbell is rang. A man answers the door and picks up the box
then reads the note that's on it.

The man is seen standing in darkness scared now. The Chatterer
walks up from behind him out of the shadows. The man is now in pain.

Several mafiosos are shooting their tommy-guns wildy all around
in the dark.

Pinhead looks in various directions making chains shoot from out
of nowhere piercing into the mafiosos' skin with hooks.

   How quaint...believing in hope. Spare
   yourself time. Spare yourself additional
   agony. Believe in your fears.

The mafiosos are held still. The werewolves are heard behind them.
The werewolves pull them back into the darkness. The mafiosos are
heard screaming. The Chatterer chatters his teeth and watches as
the men are pulled away into the darkness.

Pinhead laughs over the mafiosos' screams.

Elsewhere, Blackie is seen happily giving another mob boss the box.

Later, the mob boss is now surrounded by blackness with several of
his men.

A large fat man sees Chatterer coming for him with a knife. The
fat man reaches for a gun, but from behind him a bony, skinned hand
grabs his arm and squeezes. The man screams. The bony hand is
squeezing the fat man's arm so hard that his bone is heard cracking,
and his flesh squeezes out from in between the bony hand's fingers.

The fat man crawls towards the Chatterer now more afraid of
what was behind him. Out of the blackness walks the STRANGLER
CENOBITE. His enitre body is covered in black leather except
for its arm, which is held at is side skinned and stiffened, and
reinforced with braces.

The Strangler now slowly lifts its arm up as it now walks towards
the fat man. The fat man's neck is grabbed and squeezed so hard by
the Strangler's hand that the fat man's head pops off.

The Chatterer is holding a different man. Pinhead approaches.
Pinhead makes a hook fly and pierce the man's ear pulling it
taught. Pinhead slices off his ear slowly.

   Oh- your tears...hardly genuine. Your pores
                        bleed your sins. It is torturing you enjoy-
                        as do I. Even without your hearing devices,
                        you will still hear all of your own screams.

Pinhead steps aside. A machine slides from the darkness. The
Chatterer pushes the man down on a chair in the machine. The
man's arms and legs are strapped down and spread apart. Thin
wire slowly wraps in spirals up and down cutting into his
arms and legs. Now a single strand of flesh is torn away in
a spiral pattern revealing a spiral pattern of exposed, bloody

        CUT TO:


JOEY, LANCE, and MICK are fat Italian men. They sit scarfing down
food. TUDDY, is another fat Italian man wearing sunglasses. They
all sit next to a large fountain. They are indoors, but there is no
ceiling, which lets in sunshine. There is an outdoor pool not far
from them.

BOBBY V, is Robert Vragilli, the top mafia boss in Chicago. He
wears sunglasses, and also, only a towel, which reveals his hairy
body. He takes a sip of lemonade.

The fat men are fighting over the last piece of food. Finally, one
of them grabs it, but then looks over at Bobby V.

   You don't mind I eat this last piece, do
   ya boss?

    BOBBY V.
   Fuck no, the fatter you fucks get, the
   better I look. Besides, we ain't gonna
   have time to eat later. We gotta see what
   Blackie is up to, and how he's doing these

   I can't believe he got Cirone. But what
   if it isn't him?

    BOBBY V.
   It's him. Who else? He ain't gonna get to
   me, I guarantee it. But just in case we
                        gotta see who's helpin' him, or how he's
                        doin' it.

   Maybe he has fifty guys- all with

   I don't think so.

   Cops say there ain't no gunshots- only blood
   left all over the place. And how's he
   gettin' in?

   Maybe an informer- or a traior or somethin'.

Lance is suddenly stabbed in the back of his head with a large axe.
PAUL, another fat Italian man, stands behind him. VINNY VRAGILLI, an
eighteen-year-old kid, is seen in the pool noticing what happend.
Vinny is getting out of the pool.

    BOBBY V.
   And you might be that traitor.

   Geez, why the fuck'dcha do that for?

   Quit yer whinin'.

   Man, I was eatin'.

Joey throws his food down disgusted.

    BOBBY V.
   There weren't some things he was tellin'
   me. If there was a traitor he woulda' been
   it. This is merely a precaution. I don't
   want any way for Blackie to get in this

       (panicky, confessing)
   I pocketed five bills from last weeks
   truck job. And I ate that pie you couldn't
   find last month.

Bobby V. looks at Mick mad, but not overly upset.

       (panicky, confessing)
   I dated Janine for a little while.

   My cousin?

   Yeah...we didn't do anything...honest.

    BOBBY V.
   You fat fucking-

   She insisted...I couldn't say no...she'd
   get mad.

   I don't believe this.

    BOBBY V.
   She'd get mad? I don't give a fuck what
   she wants you to do. She want's something
   from you, a favor, a trip to the hospital,
   a new fucking come to me.
   She asks you for anything, I wanna know.
   Got me?


Bobby V. looks over at Paul nodding his head. Paul walks over to
Joey and slaps him really hard on the back of his head.

   Ow! I said I was sorry.

   Stupid. Fucking stupid.

    BOBBY V.
   That little whore...I'm gonna straighten
   her out real good. And I ain't done with
   you either fat boy.

    VINNY (O.S.)
   Pop, why'd ya go and kill Lance for?

Vinny is standing behind Lance with the axe still lodged in his

    BOBBY V.
   Jesachristo! Were you in that fuckin'
   pool the whole time? You and that
   fuckin' pool. I'm gonna pour sand in
   that fuckin' thing.

   Why'd you kill him?

    BOBBY V.
   It's nothing personal, I liked him, but
   it's business. And it ain't none of your
   business. Go inside.

   Fuck you it ain't my business! He was
   supposed to take me somewhere tomorrow.

   Hey, relax.

   Fuck you too.

    BOBBY V.
   Don't you talk to your uncle that way.
   Go to your room.

Vinny starts to walk away upset.

    BOBBY V. (CONT'D, O.S.)
   He was gonna take me believe
   this kid? Sorry, change of plans. Now you
   can give him a the funeral home.

   Fuck you!

    BOBBY V.
   Fuck me? Fuck you!

Bobby V. gets up from his chair and pulls the axe out from
Lance's head and starts chopping away at his body more and

   See your buddy...there...there...see'em...
   there...fuck you, you ungrateful little

   Fuck you ya hairy ape!

   Vinny, he's your father!

   I wished I never had a fuckin' fatha'. I
   don't want no asshole being my fatha'. You
   kill people like it's goin' outta style...
   you got a fuckin''re a dirty
   fuckin' cocksucker!

Vinny storms away into the house angry.

    BOBBY V.
   Cocksucker! Cocksucker! Callin' me a
   cocksucker! I should take this axe to that
   boy's behind.

Bobby V. throws the axe down and sits down exhausted.

   Fuckin' kids these days.

   You gotta love'em.

    BOBBY V.
   Shut your fat fuckin' ass up! Take care of
   this mess.

        CUT TO:


A car full of undercover police officers sits while watching Paulie's
car stop across the street.

LT. PRISKESKI is a balding man with a mustache. He is holding
binoculars as he watches Paulie's car.

   Is it them?

   It's Blackie alright.

OFFICER GEE is very fat and sits in the back seat.

   I thought he was clean.

   We haven't touched him all these years
   because he was just a little fish. But he's put himself on top. I
   don't know how, but we'll find out soon

Lt. Priskeski's P.O.V. from the binoculars shows Paulie getting
back into the car and driving away.

   Follow them.


Paulie's car pulls away.

The cop car follows after them.

Another car is seen following behind the cop car.


Paul is driving. Bobby V. is in the frontseat. Mick and Tuddy are
in the backseat.

    BOBBY V.
   Stay back a little so they don't see

        CUT TO:


Blackie sits behind a desk. Jori, Juan, Verne, Paulie, and a few
others are either sitting or standing.

   Rush street is ready. We can start moving
   five gallon cans into all those businesses
   now. They get a small commission of course.
   The butcher is giving me trouble though.

   Juan, help Verne. I want that guy beaten up a
   little. Now he don't get no commission. Tell
   him he don't run his store any longer, we do.
   He just works there. And I want some salami,
   roast beef, anything he's got- I want
   delivered to my house every week.

   Got it.

An unseen man walks in the dark room and goes behind Blackie whispering
in his ear.

    JORI (O.S.)
   What about Vragilli? I say we send that box

The unseen man stands upright and listens.

   No. He's too smart. You still know where those
   two kids who wanted in are hanging out?


   Good. I got an idea.

        CUT TO:


Tommy and Toby are walking down the sidewalk.

    JORI (O.S.)
   Over here.

Jori is standing by an alley. The two boys walk over to him.

   If you want in you gotta make good on this

   No problem. Where is it?

   Here's Blackie's address.

Jori hands Toby a piece of paper.

   On the porch behind the big flowerpot is a
   bag. Do not look in it. Got it?

   Yeah. Sure.

   Take the bag to the address that's on the
   other side of the paper.

Toby turns the paper over and looks at it.

   That's it?

   That's it.

Jori begins to walk away. Tommy nudges Toby.


Toby takes a picture out of his pocket and hands it to Jori.

   Can you show this to Blackie for us?

Jori looks at the picture and looks disgusted.

   Jesus! What the fuck is this?

   It's those two guys you told us to take
   care of. We did a good job huh?

   I would think so. I'll show it to Blackie
   and see what he thinks.

Jori walks away.

        CUT TO:


Toby finds the bag behind the flowerpot.

Toby looks at Tommy and they smile at each other. They now walk off
the porch.


   This can't be all we have to do?

   What now? You saw the look on Jori's face
   when he saw the photo.


   And after we do this drop for him he'll like
   us even more.


Tommy and Toby walk into the street.

The Vragilli car slams into Tommy killing him.

Toby runs away with the bag, but is gunned down.

Mick gets out of the car and grabs the bag. They now peel away.


People are looking out the window shocked over the scene outside.

Jori is among the people. He is smiling.

    JORI (V.O.) 
   Bobby V. ain't that smart.

        CUT TO:


The inside of the house is dark. The kitchen door is half opened and
bright. Everyone in the kitchen is heard talking.

    JORI (O.S.)
   How much?

    FRITZI (O.S.)

There are two cops walking through the dark living room with their
guns drawn heading towards the kitchen.

One cop looks to the other one motioning for him to be quiet.

    BLACKIE (O.S.)
   So just this week?

    FRITZI (O.S.)
   No. Last week was fourteen. This week is
   seventeen, got it?

    JORI (O.S.)

    FRITZI (O.S.)
   Listen. Three weeks ago it was ten, right?

    BLACKIE (O.S.)

    FRITZI (O.S.)
   Then- (indistinctive).

The cop arrive outside the door. One of the cops, OFFICER MCGEE,
counts to three on his fingers.

Both cops crash through the door.


The bifocaled, clumsy accountant, FRITZI, practically throws his
hot coffee all over Blackie's lap scalding him and making him
scream like a girl from his past experiences.


Everyone in the room has put their hands up in the air. Blackie
storms over to Officer McGee and punches him in the face busting
his nose.


   Ow! My nose is was just a

   So was that.

Everyone has put their hands back down.

   What are you two shmucks doing here anyhow?

   It's Priskeski, he knows. He has alot of
   shit on you.


Paulie grabs a doughnut and attempts to leave the kitchen.

   Where the fuck you going?

   Home...I'm tired.

   Didn't you just hear McGee?

   Yeah. So?

   You're fucking stupid. Just make sure you're
   here tommorrow morning by six.

   But boss, I was going fishin'.

   You fatass. You leave those poor fish alone,
   and get your fatass here- or I'll feed
   you to them.

   No, I'm goin' fishin' and that's that.

   You had better cut their fuckin' heads off.


   You fuckin' fatass, how would you like to
   suffocate to death...besides, you need the
   practice. Why you think I haven't sent you
   on a hit in four years?

    PAULIE (O.S.)

Paulie storms out of the room mad.

        CUT TO:


Two men are carrying boxes full of papers up the stairs. Fritzi sits
next to Blackie going through papers.

   Do you realize what you have here?

   That's why we're doing this.

   Are you always this disorganized?

   I won't be now with you here.

   You said I only have to help you for a year.
   But what if you're busted. Anyone of these
   papers links you to many operations. If the
   cops came here right now and saw all this,
   you would tell them I'm not involved right?



   No. So you better hurry up.

    PAULIE (O.S.)
   Say boss, since we gotta do away with
   all this, shoudn't we get some tools and
   start busting up the concrete?

   Why would you do that?

    PAULIE (O.S.)
   Because of the bodies.

   There are bodies down here?

Fritzi becomes quiet and scared.

   We just got to get rid of papers for now.
   Fritzi, go start over there.

Fritzi walks over to the corner of the basement. He notices an old
wooden chest on the ground.

   What's in here?

Fritzi opens the chest. It is filled with pickled glass jars.


Jori walks over looking at the jars. He picks out a jar looking at
it then hands it to Fritzi. Jori now takes out another jar and
holds it in the air.

   Boss, can we have some peppers?



   No. Those are eyes.


Fritzi looks into the jar as an eyeball looks back at him. He
gets disgusted.

   From people?

   No, from aliens. Boss likes collectin'em
   from hits.

Fritzi hands the jar back to Jori

   I can't believe you people.

   Say boss! Should we get rid of these things?

Blackie walks over to them.

   No. We'll hide them at my cottage.

Jori starts taking jars of eyes out of the chest.

   Dont' do it like that. They're mostly all
   eyes. Take the whole chest.

Paulie and Jori lift the chest.


Paulie drops his end busting all the jars and cracking the chest in


Blackie punches Paulie in the gut.

   Ah! It's just that chest from that stupid

   Those are good peppers!

Blackie slaps Paulie in his face.

   And I liked that chest shit for brains!
   Get outta here.

Jori, Paulie and Fritzi go to another area of the basement.

    PAULIE (O.S.)
   I hate it when he's stressed.

    JORI (O.S.)
   You're a clutz. All you had to do is hold
   something- it's simple. Would you just
   drop a casket at a funeral, no.

Blackie gets down on the floor going through and saving the jars that
didn't bust.

A panel underneath is cracked open. Blackie feels his way through
eyeballs and tomato sauce ridden peppers to look under the panel.

Hidden under the panel is a SILVER PUZZLE BOX. Blackie gazes at it
in awe.

    PAULIE (O.S.)
   I wish Vragilli's would hurry up and die
   already so maybe we could send that thing
   to the cops.

    JORI (O.S.)
   Wipe out the cops, huh. That ain't a bad

    FRITZI (O.S.)
   Again with this box. What is this box you
   both are always talking about?

    JORI (O.S.)
   None of your business four eyes.

Blackie holds the silver puzzle box close to him, and smiles.

        CUT TO:


Lt. Priskeski sits at his desk doing paper work. He senses something
then looks down by his feet.

There is a thick, black goo moving past his feet like black lava.

   What the hell?

Lt. Priskeski stands up on his chair.


Lt. Priskeski looks over at some other cops who now notice the

        CUT TO:


Another cop is standing by a file cabinet.

He now notices thick blood moving into the office across the floor.


The cop gets up on a desk as more blood spills into the small room
raising up higher.

        CUT TO:


Two officers are standing eating doughnuts. They all hear people

They turn around and see water pouring into the room, but it is very
dark water, and there is constant lightning seen inside of it.

    OFFICER #1
   What the hell is that?

    OFFICER #2
   I don't know.

Officer #1 gets up on a desk. Before the other officer can get off
the ground the water moves to his feet. He is held and slowly starts
to sink as if the water had been as deep as an ocean.

   What's happening to me?

    OFFICER #1
   Grab my hand!

The officer's hand is all that is seen as he sinks under the water.


        CUT TO:


Lt. Priskeski is one of only a few who haven't been swallowed by the
black goo.

Every desk and chair in the room is tilted or being taken under. The
room gets very dark with the sound of thunder everywhere.

    OFFICER (O.S.)
   What's happening Lieutenant?

   I don't know.

    OFFICER (O.S.)
   What can we do?

   I don't know.

    OFFICER (O.S.)
   Oh my God!


Lt. Priskeski turns around to look at what's behind him.

Some strange tentacle fingered hand grabs Lt. Priskeski's head. The
arm of this thing wears shiny, red leather with glowing, futuristic
silver trim.

A strange instrument is now stabbed into both of Lt. Priskeski's


        CUT TO:


Vinny and other kids his age are playing stickball. Vinny hits the
ball and is running the bases.

    KID (O.S.)
   Throw it home!

Vinny passes second base while BRYAN, a clumsy kid is stumbling
around the ball.


BUTCH, the kid at home gets upset as Vinny crosses home plate.

   Man you suck! Now they're winning.


   Why don't you make me?

They approach each other ready to fight. Vinny stands between them.

   Relax man, we're only winning by one point.
   Butch, what about last inning? You missed
   that fly ball.

   The sun was in my eyes.

   So, nobody got mad at you, just relax.

   Alright, let's play.

Vinny sees MARCY, a girl his age sitting on a box, watching and
smiling at him. He smiles back at her.

        CUT TO:


   There ain't nuthin' like a little pepperoni,
   provolone, and Vienna.

Paulie takes a bite of his food. Blackie is seen cutting a piece off
a stick of pepperoni. Jori sits at the table reading a book.

   They say a genie's lamp was originally a
   device used for opening doorways to hell.

   Who's they?

   I don't know. Whoever wrote this fuckin'

   Where'd you get it?


   Since when do you go to the library?

   Since we started doing hits with werewolves.

Fritzi is going over papers. He stops to look at Jori confused and
having no idea what they are talking about.

   They jazzed up the real genie stories so it
   wouldn't scare kids- like how they jazzed up

   How much did Verne make last week?

   I'm still working on it.

   They say werewolves would only appear
   randomly through the ages. All the stories
   are based on very few peasant stories.

   I say we go turn myself in.

Fritzi stops writing again. He now looks at Blackie confused.
Paulie gets up.

   I'll go get the car.

Fritzi watches dumbfoundedly as Paulie walks away.

   We're going to the police precinct? What
   for? You're not really going to turn
   yourself in?

   Why not? And you're coming with. It'll be

        CUT TO:


Blackie and his entourage walk in their new suits. Paulie opens the
door letting Blackie in.

        CUT TO:


Blackie stands in awe looking around.

    FRITZI (O.S.)
   What is this? What happend here? We should
   go get help.

   Boss you didn't tell me you sent the box. I
   thought Vragilli's still had it.

   They do.

   Then what's all this?

Blackie notices something. He walks over and grabs the silver puzzle
box handing it to Jori.

   It's a different box...I found it in that

   No shit.

   This is crazy. The other box didn't do
   nothing like this.

Fritzi is seen finishing throwing up.

   What kind of witchery is this?

Now the room is seen. Only a dozen cops remain, but they are all
dead and have been tortured in some way. All the bodies seem to
be frozen in time screaming out.

There are legs sticking up from the ground. There is a cop's head
screaming. His head is hovering in mid-air as if it was sucked in
through some invisible portal.

    PAULIE (O.S.)
   It's like they were sucked in some place.

Fritzi slips on some black goo residue. Paulie walks over to the
hovering head moving his face closer and closer to it. He touches
it. The head moves. It's eyes are closed shut.



The head now severes and falls to the floor.

   That box must lead to another dimension.

   Who cares? They're dead aren't they? Let's

Jori is looking at half a man sticking out from the floor with a
bunch of devices on his head and with his skull opened as if some
torturous brain surgery was performed.

        CUT TO:


The street is being repaired. Vinny, Marcy, and a small, dirty,
stray dog are on the top of a dirt mound looking over at a house.

   There's my house and that's my dad.

Vinny's P.O.V. shows Marcy's dad standing in his yard holding a

   He's been standing there every day waiting to
   get every mole, even the babies. He's already
   killed two.

   Why didn't you stop him?

   I did. He just beat me. He doesn't care. I
   hardly ever go home. I hate him.


Marcy's dad is following a mole as it moves lifting up areas of the

The little dog growls. Vinny puts his hand over the dog's mouth.


Vinny now stands up.

   What are you going to do?

   Hold on.

   He's going to kill it!

Vinny waits until Marcy's dad is about to club the mole. Vinny
now fires a huge rock caked in mud at the side of Marcy's dad's


    MARCY'S DAD (O.S.)

Marcy's dad fell to the ground and looks over at Vinny who is
laughing hysterically.

   That's what you get! Pick on something
   your own size, pussy!

    MARCY'S DAD (O.S.)
   You little bastard! My's

Marcy's dad runs towards Vinny. Vinny, Marcy, and the dog take off

Marcy's dad is now seen running after them bleeding and furious.

   Come here!


   Come on- run faster!

   I'm gonna get you- you little bastard!

   Screw you ya cocksucka!

        CUT TO:


Vinny, Marcy, and the dog come to a halt being out of breath.

   That was great.

   You think I really broke his jaw?

   Who cares. Maybe he'll learn. You know,
   everyone says your dad is a crime boss, but
   you're different, you have compassion.

Marcy moves closer to Vinny giving him a long soft kiss.

Marcy now walks away.

   Come on doggy. Maybe I'll see you
   tommorrow Vinny.

   Alright, see ya.

Vinny stands smiling watching her leave.

        CUT TO:


Vinny walks past a house on his way home.

A milkman is on the porch talking to a flirtacous, foxy woman in her

   There goes his son. It won't be long till
   that boy will be running things. Tell me,
   how does a brave soul like you manage your
   new job. The other milkmen were too afraid
                        to deliver on the same block as them.

The foxy woman twirls her hair and smiles at the milkman. He rests
his arm on his knee confidently.

   It's going to take a lot more than the mafia
   to scare someone like me.


        CUT TO:


Vinny walks in the door in a happy mood.

        CUT TO:


Pinhead is in a dark room. He moves his head inquistively as if he
senses the boy.

        CUT TO:


Vinny is about to walk into the kitchen when he hears his dad scream.

    BOBBY V. (O.S.)

Vinny runs up the stairs.


        CUT TO:


Vinny opens the door and sees the Cenobites, and everyone including
his father being tortured.

   Oh my-

   Don't say it- it stings my nerves.

   Dad! Where the hell did you come from? What
   hell are you?

   Hell is where I came. Hell is what I am.

Vinny attempts to leave, but a hook is sent into his shoulder.

   Aww! (crying)

   Such innocence. A boy that just had his first
   kiss. Lips are so strange- they offer such
   a pleasant brush with the skin. They are a
   channel with thought send directly from the
   brain. I have another channel for you to
   kiss. But this brain only has horrid thoughts.

The Chatterer brings out one of the tortured mafiosos who has no face,
and has sharp barbs grown from his lips.


Vinny breaks away from the hook leaving a chunk of his skin.


Pinhead looks shocked as the boy runs away.

        CUT TO:


Vinny runs down the stairs and looks back. Darkness pours out of
the room. The rest of the house is getting dark.

    PINHEAD (O.S.)
   You will not escape. My darkness travels,
   and hunts out your fears.

Vinny sees the Strangler walk out of the room.

Vinny turns around and sees the railing he was holding onto was
covered in bugs.

Vinny gets disgusted and continues running down the stairs.

The Chatterer appears too late slicing the railing as Vinny runs

Chains are thrown into walls as Vinny runs fast.

Vinny sees the bright door and runs out of it.

        CUT TO:


Vinny stops and looks back and sees the black doorway to his house.

   I escaped you asshole!

        CUT TO:


Pinhead slowly approaches the doorway looking out at the bright

        CUT TO:


Vinny holds his shoulder in pain. Pinhead is seen at the doorway
looking at the bright world beyond the doorway.

   Mark my words child...if our eyes meet will be your eyes that will
   skewered on my fingertips.

The milkman walks towards the Vragilli home and sees Pinhead at the

   And we will strip the muscle from your legs,
   leaving you unable to run.

The milkman immediately turns around and goes the other way.

Pinhead waks back into the darkness. The door shuts.

        CUT TO:


Marcy is sitting on her porch still avoiding the presence of her
father. Vinny runs to her out of breath.

   What's the matter?

   Everyone is dead. My whole family!

   What are you talking about?

   Devils, there are devils in my house.

Marcy looks at Vinny as if he was joking.

   I'm serious. My whole house was dark. I
   heard screaming upstairs, I ran up, when
   I opened the door I couldn't believe what
                        I was seeing. There were chains everywhere.
                        These things were all cut up like they
                        were from hell. Look what they did to me!

Vinny shows her his shoulder.

   How did you do that?

   I just told you! C'mom, we have to get

Vinny takes her by the hand.

        CUT TO:


Vinny, Marcy, and the dog are on a sidewalk walking towards the
building doors.

Vinny notices cops hanging out by the doorway. Officer McGee was
one of them. Officer McGee looks towards the kids like he recognized
them. Now the cops talk amongst each other then start walking
towards Vinny and Marcy.

Vinny stops.

   Why are you stopping?

   I don't know.

Marcy looks at the cops walking towards them.

   Let's go. Something's wrong.

As the kids turn around, the cops start running towards them.


        CUT TO:


Vinny, Marcy, and the dog walk onto a porch.

   This is my Uncle's house.

Vinny knocks.

   I tell him everything.

Tuddy answers the door, however, his face isn't seen until the next

   Hey kid, what's up?

   My dad's dead...everybody's dead.

   What? Come in...come in.

        CUT TO:


Tuddy walks to the kitchen. Vinny, Marcy, and the dog stay in the
dark living room.

   Why were those cops chasing us?

   I don't know, but we can't go there anymore.
   My Uncle will help us.

   Someone should look at your shoulder, it's
   getting bad.

Tuddy comes up behind them both with an ether soaked rag over their
faces. The dog barks and bites at Tuddy's feet. Tudy kicks the dog
making it yelp. Vinny and Marcy go unconscious.

        CUT TO:


Vinny's P.O.V. has him opening his eyes awaking. Blackie stands
over Vinny. Both Vinny and Marcy are bound and gagged. The dog is
seen next to them licking it's broken leg.

   You should always watch who you trust.

Now Tuddy is seen with sunglasses on, standing next to Blackie.

   Sorry kid, it's just business.

Jori walks up to Blacki with two bums.

   These gentlemen said they could use some

   Good. We always need new help.

Blackie puts his arm around bum #1, and walks him to the center
of the room in front of Vinny, Marcy, and the dog.

    BUM #1
   What's going on with them?

   Nevermind them. That's how we punish
   family. We caught those two screwing
   around with each other.

Blackie takes out the gold puzzle box and hands it to the bum.

   This is all you have to do. As soon as we
   leave, it's a race between you and your
   buddy to see who can figure this puzzle
   out first.

    BUM #1
   That's it? And you're gonna give me a
   hundred dollars?

   Winner gets five hundred.

    BUM #1

   It's just a game. Now, I have money bet on
   you, don't let me down. We'll be back in a
   few hours.

Jori walks away with bum #2 towards a room with no door. Jori is
seen taking out a silver box and handing it to the guy while
explaining what he has to do with it.

Bum #1 sits and gets comfortable.

In the adjacent room bum #2 sits and gets comfortable, but Vinny
can only see the bum's hands holding the silver box.

    BLACKIE (O.S.)

Blackie, Jori, and Tuddy leave the warehouse.

Vinny strangely wonders as the men fidget with the boxes. Marcy
looks at Vinny dumbfounded as well.

Finally, bum #1 gets the gold puzzle box to activate. Vinny and
Marcy see darkness forming. They freak out and try to get free.

Vinny gets his gag free.

   Stop! Don't mess with that thing, it's
   some kind of trap!

Bum #1 completes the box's motions.

    BUM #1
   Shut up kid- I already won.

The room is all dark now. Vinny and Marcy watch in horror as
something walks behind bum #1.

Bum #1 turns around frightened and now in awe of Pinhead.

    BUM #1
   Jesus! What the hell are you?

   You brought me here- I'm the reward you
                        seek. Am I not what you expected?

    BUM #1
   Jesus, no!

   What about this?

Bum #1 senses something breathing next to him. He turns and a
werewolf's snout is right next to him.

The werewolf bites his head off. Vinny and Marcy cower in
shock. Pinhead's entire body turns towards Vinny sensing his

   Hah! Our eyes meet again.

The Strangler cenobite comes from nowhere lifting Vinny up by
his throat. The Chatterer cenobite is holding Marcy. The
other werewolf stands over the frightened dog.

   And who is this? A friend? No...a
   lover. Well, speak to me...lover.

Chatterer slices her gag apart, also cutting her lip.

   Oww! What do you want with us?

   Your Casanova and I have unfinished

Pinhead looks into Vinny's eyes.

   Nothing escapes us.

Vinny turns his head and sees the hands of bum #2 opening
the silver puzzle box. Vinny looks back at Pinhead who is
now face to face with him.

   What is so distracting? Do I not fear
                        you any longer since you succeeded in
                        escape? Since you cannot keep attention,
                        I'll simply rip your eyes out and nail
   them closer together.

Pinhead moves a knife up to Vinny's eye, but pulls away as
he senses something.

   What is that?

The dark atmosphere changes. A neonish glow lightens up the
warehouse slightly. Pinhead sees a glowing neon green liquid
leak from a wall.

Coming from the room, bum #2's intense screams are heard.

    BUM #2 (O.S.)
   Ahhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!

   How can such screams be so untouched?

Pinhead looks to his cenobites.

   Something is here.

Chatterer, Strangler and the Werewolf leave the kids and dog.
They wander the center of the room curiously.

The Bobblehead cenobite is caught in a strange black puddle.
Pinhead watches as a red-leathered being rises behind Bobblehead,
hovering above him. This being is a sectobite. It is 'Organ'.
It is bound in red-leather with risen, glowing lines covering
it's body. It has light filled tubes coming from its eye sockets
leading to its boneless arms, keeping them from dangling any
lower. All the organs are kept in sewn, red-leather pouches
hanging outside it's body.

Organ hovers behind Bobblehead. A glowing fog from the black
puddle now rises metling Bobblehead's leather and skin, leaving
only a skeleton, which is then sucked down into the black puddle.


Pinhead throws chains at Organ, but they melt as they enter the
glowing fog before even touching Organ.

Another sectobite, 'Quiltface', is seen appearing and hovering
by an orange electricity. Quiltface has a dozen faces sewn
together as one. It has six arms sewn to its very long torso.
It speaks to Pinhead in an indistinguishable, alien, robotic

   Who arrrrre you?

Quiltface just answers in his scary, ear wrenching noise, which
Pinhead doesn't understand.

   This is my hell!

A puddle of blood now flows towards Pinhead making him step back.
Now another sectobite rises from the puddle covered in blood.
'Rod' sectobite has light filled rods coming from his eyes and
entering in through his back. Rods pierce its body and head
everywhere. It hovers towards Pinhead.

   Come no further!

It raises its hands at Pinhead. It has long, needle-thin claws
several feet in length. Suddenly it stops.

The Strangler has taken hold of Rod's throat. Rod twists its body
completely around facing Strangler. Its claws now pierce into the
sides of the Strangler. Now the Strangler's chest busts open with
a bubbling liquid pouring out.


Another sectobite, 'Marrow', forms out of nowhere from dust. It
is a strange alien skeleton with all its skin and organs seen
living underneath its bony skin. Pinhead sees this new threat
then gives his werewolves an order.

   Sick him!

The werewolves' chains bust open and they run at Marrow. They
bite off Marrow's legs, but they strangely grow right back.
Marrow grabs hold of each werewolf by their heads. The werewolves'
growls turn to yelps.


The werewolves' rib bones rise out piercing through their skin.
They are turned inside out and killed. Marrow now cuts his exposed
skin on his arm with his fingernail. He pours his neon blood onto
the werewolves bringing them back to life. Marrow keeps pulling
their bones out through their bodies. They die again, but are kept
being brought to life over and over again until the torturous
process is complete.

Pinhead attempts to go put his werewolves out of their misery, but
cannot move. He looks down and sees he is held in a liquid mirror.

Now a slimy, long, serpent's tongue runs across his face. A female
sectobite, 'Spitfire', walks around Pinhead caressing his body.
There are low burning flames coming from her eye sockets, her
shapely body is seen through her tight, red, glowing leather.
Her alien body has square, misplaced breasts. Her tongue licks the
back of Pinhead's head melting a spot of his flesh as if her
tongue was made of acid.

Vinny unties his ropes and runs into the room where the silver
box lay.

Pinhead and Chatterer are now held into the air by Quiltface's
many hands. All Pinhead's attempts of throwing chains, or
raising fire, all fail.

Spitfire is now over my Marcy. She licks Marcy's shoulder burning
her skin, and making her shirt fall off her shoulder.

   Oww! Vinny!

Marcy looks over and sees Vinny's hands finally getting the
silver box to function.


A neon green liquid sneaks up behind Vinny while he messes with
the silver box. The liquid stays still.


Pinhead notices some spinning device underneath them. They are
being lowered towards it. The sectobites continue talking, but
its still in an alien dialect.

   How can this happen? I am forever.

Pinhead closes his eyes accepting fear and defeat.


Vinny finishes the silver box.

   Got it.

A huge mass rises from the neon liquid behind Vinny about to
devour him, but the creature is heard screaming in pain.
Vinny turns around noticing it. He just holds the silver box
in front of him as the creature falls back into its neon puddle.


Pinhead opens his eyes hearing all the sectobites' screams.
Pinhead sees Vinny walking out from the room holding the
silver box. Now all the sectobites begin to vanish each by the
way they entered, by dust, orange electricty, puddles, and

Pinhead and Chatterer fall to the ground. The warehouse is
turned dark again.

Vinny runs and unties Marcy. Pinhead and Chatterer approach
Vinny. Before Pinhead can speak, Vinny does.

   Listen, I helped you. Besides, we
   aren't the ones who did this. Those
   mobsters have been doing it as a game.

   A game?

   When you saw me, that's because you killed
   my family. They didn't mess with that box.
   That box was sent to them.

   Go on.

Vinny untiles Marcy's gag. She hugs him.


   Thing can get the ones who did
   this. The ones responsible for getting all
   your friends killed. They're all coming
   her shortly.

Vinny walks to Pinhead and hands him the silver box.

   This belongs hidden in hell.

   Do we have a deal?

The dog walks limping next to Vinny. The dogs sees Pinhead
and growls at him. Pinhead tilts his head looking at the dog.

   Only if I can have this broken creature
                        as my companion. To torture it as I please.

The dog whines.

   No fucking way. The three of us stay
                        untouched, and I hope I never see you again.
                        We just want to go back to our lives.

Pinhead looks at the dog again, which is now hiding behind
Vinny's feet. Pinhead thinks for a moment.

   So be it.

        CUT TO:


Blackie, Jori, Tuddy, Paulie, Fritzi, Juan, Verne, Officer McGee, and
a few other cops all walk in carrying food. Blackie sees Vinny
standing in the center of the room still alive.

   What's he doin' alive?

   I don't know. Everyone else is gone. I
   thought this place would be alot messier
   with both those things opened.

   Maybe they only opened one.

The mobsters walk to Vinny.

   How did you survive?

Vinny looks emotionless.

   Your game did not work.

   It worked enough. We can kill you

Tuddy grabs Vinny. The dog is heard barking from somewhere.

   What was that?

    BLACKIE (O.S.)
   Go check.


Marcy realizes they heard the dog bark. She puts her hand over the
dog's mouth.


Juan and Verne walk towards the room.


Juan and Verne step into the doorway of the room. They see Marcy
holding the dog in a corner with Vinny next to her. Verne and
Juan notice Vinny.

   What the hell?

The room now grows dark.


Blackie approaches the emotionless Vinny face to face.

   What? You think you're tough now kid?

Vinny now grows into Pinhead so quickly that Tuddy's arms are
ripped off still held around Pinhead.

   Holy shit!

    TUDDY (O.S.) arms!

Blackie looks up at Pinhead in awe.

   You're what comes from that box?

   I am the ambassador from hell.


Everyone in the warehouse begins to run. Pinhead stretches his
arms out summoning one of his powers. Now pins rise from the
floor pierceing all the mobsters keeping them still.

   What you have done to my legion is
   unforgiveable and you will understand
   every inch of your flesh, as eons pass.


   What's going on here?

Juan pulls out his gun and points it at Vinny.

Chatterer comes from behind Verne and Juan slicing them from
their stomachs.


Pinhead stands waiting and lets Vinny, Marcy, and the dog
leave the warehouse before he begins.

   Once outside, I would suggest covering
   your ears. For the first time in all
   eternity, I am mad, and you do not
   want to hear screams like this.

Vinny, Marcy, and the dog leave the warehouse. Pinhead looks
at armless Tuddy, who is on the ground in pain.

   Now I need recruits.

A machine rolls from the darkness towards Tuddy. Its hoses enter
Tuddy's fat body. The hoses push a thick black liquid into his body
making him fatter, making new rolls appear. A helmet goes on Tuddy's
head now, steaming off his hair, and leaving some blisters on his now
bald head. Tuddy's arms are sewn back on. The machine now removes his
sunglasses, sews his eyelids together, then places the sunglasses

All the other mobsters are watching and screaming in fear.

        CUT TO:



Vinny and Marcy turn and look back at the warehouse windows, which
light up occasionally by the hell that's inside.

Vinny and Marcy hug. Then kiss. The dog barks interupting their
kissing reminding them of the urgency of escape.

   He's right, we should keep going.

   Where will we go?

   Well, three good things came from this.
   One, I've seen hell and I'll continue to
   be good so I don't ever see it again. Two,
   with all those mobsters gone, the city
   won't have as much crime.

Marcy sees Vinny stopped without telling her the third reason.

   What's the third reason?

Vinny moves in and kisses her again.

   I know where my dad hides his money.

Marcy smiles. Vinny picks up the injured dog and carries him.

   First thing, we both need to see the

They walk away. Marcy has her hand around Vinny.

       THE END.