Thing Sequel REAL script

Hollywoods newest movies

Marvel Vampires #1

       Written by Andy Ray Patton



   DOCTOR STRANGE sits Indian style hovering in the air
   meditating in front of a large open dimensional doorway.

   A mountainous area is seen in the distance. There are
   wetlands in the foreground. The skies are dark and eerie.

Panel 2 - Smaller panel shows closeup of Strange's face.

Panel 3 - Same as Panel 2, but Strange's face has one eyebrow
   raised slightly concerned.

Panel 4 - Same as Panel 2, but shows face cowering from pain.

Panel 5 - Strange is clenching his heart from the ground where
   he fell.

Panel 6 - There are thin creepy silhouettes peering hesitantly
   into Strange's world.

   Half of Strange's body is seen in front of the doorway.

Panel 7 - Long sharp claws grab the side of the doorway about
   ready to walk into our world.



   Two hillbillies in a tiny boat. TIBY is bearded and in a
          flannel with a hanging gut sticking out so far it looks as
          if its going to explode. Tiby is standing in the boat
          practically about to tip it. Tiby is holding a long pole
          that's in the swamp water. POON is an older man no more
          than 100 pounds sitting and chewing a straw.

   POON: Dangit Tiby! You're tippin the boat.

   TIBY: Pa, I can't stick this gator unless I can see it
  movin' down there.

Panel 2 - Smaller panel shows an aerial view of a large black
          silhouette seen through the swamp. Above it is a
          blurry shape of a gator.

   TIBY (O.S.) Wait a minute...there he is.

Panel 3 - Same as Panel 2. The gator has moved leaving waves,
   the dark silhouette remains.

Panel 4 - Tiby rams his pole down in a stabbing motion. Poon grabs
   onto the sides of the boat as if it was violently shook.

Panel 5 - Tiby pulled up the pole. The harpoon end has nothing on it,
   but some black slimy stuff.

   POON: Got'hem?

   TIBY: Nun'uh. Nutin but leeches...lot of em too.

Panel 6 - Same as Panel 2, but with bubbles rising.

Panel 7 - Tiby and Poon lean towards the side of the boat curiously

   POON: Is it dying?

   TIBY: I dunno.



Panel 1 - TEXT: [PAUSE]

          Large panel shows a human figure lunge out of the water.
   This creature is a living mass of black, slimy leeches.
   Its thick body kind of resembles the Michelin tire man,
          but with mittens. Swamp algae hangs from its body. Water
   splashes causing comotion.

Panel 2 - TEXT: [PLAY]
          Two sharp clawed hands covered in black leeches attach
   and squeeze Tiby's large gut and burst it like two large
   hands working together to pop a zit. The exposed areas of
   the hands are burning and smoking from the sunlight.



   RINTRAH stands before the open vampire dimension with
   hands stretched working with magic.

   NAMOR THE SUBMARINER is thinking. Others in the room
   are talking or doing other things such as PROFESSOR

   RINTRAH: I know you've said nothing was in this dimension,
     but I sense otherwise.

   PROFESSOR X: Me too at first, maybe a wormhole influx..
         some kind of disruption..because I'm getting
            nothing. The energies probably aren't living
         or even lifeforms at all.

Panel 2 - Iron Man and Professor X look at each other secretly as
   Rintrah keeps doing magic on the doorway in front of them.

Panel 3 - Iron Man stands next to Rintrah.

   IRON MAN: Rintrah, we'll need you to scan other dimensions
      to see if you can find anything out.

Panel 4 - Rintrah stops the magic. His dark evil looking horned head
   towers over Iron Man.

   RINTRAH: So be it. I will go elsewhere and try spells, but
     Strange has never told me of this dimension. He
     kept it from me. I don't like this.



   Blade walks down a shaded alleyway during the day
   with a young four-eyed white kid, LEAK. They are both
          dressed in bright pink and purples. A medical manual is
          strapped and hanging from Leak's chest. A gasoline can
          is strapped onto Blade's belt.

   LEAK: Blade are you sure these clothes help hide us from
  the vampires cause I'm really scared.

   BLADE: Well, Leak, I sure don't want to purposely look
          like this.

Panel 2 - Smaller panel shows aerial view of them walking between
   buildings. The buildings are covered in webbing as if
   the whole city was all webbing.

Panel 3 - Larger panel shows gooey looking cocoon webs that drown
          the alley, its garbage cans, and its buildings. Above
   Blade and Leak two spider-men land on the rooftop high
   above them. Both costumes are slightly different as if
   taken from Spider-Man's closet collection.

Panel 4 - The Spider-Man vampires jump and attack. One charges
   with its sharp claws completely missing Blade and his
   pink camouflage. Blade slices the vampire with his
   silver sword as it runs past.

   The other vampire stands next to Leak facing the
   opposite direction not sensing him.

Panel 5 - Smaller panel shows vampire's face sideways listening
   with fangs hanging out of mouth.

Panel 6 - Same as panel 5, but vampire faces forward.

Panel 7 - The vampire has grabbed Leak from behind biting into
   his neck.

Panel 8 - Smaller panel shows vampire teeth biting into Leak's
   throat spilling blue blood.

   LEAK: (O.S.) Noooo!

Panel 9 - Smaller panel shows the vampire's teeth vaporizing into
   dust. The vampires fingertips covering his mouth are
   doing the same.


Panel 1 - Shows Leak on the ground holding his wound. Next to him
          is the Spider-Man vampire with its head and torso
          completely gone, and the other Spider-Man vampire slayed
   dead in front.

   Shows Blade in his stance waiting for about six more
   Spider-Man vampires swinging in the foreground towards

Panel 2 - Smaller panel shows Blade throwing a silver railroad
   spike into one vampire, and swinging sword at another.

Panel 3 - Webs shot out from unseen Spider-Man vampires grab hold
   of Blade's limbs pausing him in action. His sword is
   grabbed by webbing and pulled into the sky. The gasoline
   can strapped to Blade's waist is pulled off with webbing.

Panel 4 - Smaller panel shows gasoline can on ground without a cap
   and gasoline is leaking out.

Panel 5 - Smaller panel shows two pairs of glowing eyes in darkness.

Panel 6 - Larger panel now shows the real SPIDER-MAN and JESSICA
   DREW, SPIDER WOMAN walking out of the darkness. Spider-Man
   has the top half of his hood in tact, the bottom half has
   an overwhelming amount of green, slimy drool coming down
   from his fangs. His fangs face every direction in a mouth
   of dissaray.

   Blade is held by six younger Spider-Man vampires all in
   the real Spider-Man's different costumes. Some of the
   vampires are smelling Blade.

   A VAMPIRE: Can't see...but...can smell..his blood...its
                     not human...he's one of us.

   ANOTHER VAMPIRE: He can still...bleed...and die.

   BLADE: Spider-Man, not so friendly anymore. And you've
   got a mate I see, are all these your spawn?

   SPIDER-MAN: I kill


Panel 1 - Larger panel shows side view of Spider-Man facing Blade
   with clawed hand out ready to rip Blade apart.

Panel 2 - Smaller panel shows Blade's serious face.

Panel 3 - Smaller panel shows Blade's hand lighting a match.

Panel 4 - Same as panel 1, but shows a female vampire in the form
   of a gasoline gas vapor now hovering between Blade and
   facing Spider-Man.
    Spider-Man is startled.

Panel 5 - Same as panel 2.

   BLADE: Yo SpideY, Meet my home girl, Vapora.

Panel 6 - Same as panel 3, but match is tossed.

Panel 7 - Same as panel 4, but shows the vapor version of vapora
   now as a raging fire. Her face is much more menacing too.


Panel 1 - Spider-Man and the others burn in a firestorm with
   Vapora's flaming face smiling creepily happy and evil,
   bouncing between victims with her face seen at many
   various areas.

Panel 2 - Smaller panel shows Blade's hand reach into his fro
   and pull out a decoyed silver hair pick.

Panel 3 - Blade stabs the two remaining vampires with his hair

Panel 4 - Smaller panel shows vampires still living in their burnt
   melted state.

Panel 5 - Smaller panel, shows Blade's silver spiked boots sever
   Spider-Man's head from his body.

Panel 6 - Vapora hovers over an untouched puddle of gasoline. She
   snarls at Blade.

          BLADE (O.S.) Get in the can Vapora!

Panel 7 - Blade throws some kind of sawdust powder into the gas
   puddle defeating Vapora.

   BLADE: In the can!

Panel 8 - Vapora seeps into Blade's gasoline can that he straps
   to his belt. Leak is seen sewing himself up in the

   BLADE: Those glass fiber optics working good?

   LEAK: Good enough unless I bind them too tight.




          Dr. Strange lays in a coma in his hospital bed with many
   wires connected from his body to computer terminals.

   WOMAN and THE HUMAN TORCH (flame off) all in their
   Fantastic Four costumes.

Panel 2 - Reed has some fancy device held over Strange's body.
   Standing next to him is Black Bolt.

   REED RICHARDS: Do you see this?

Panel 3 - BEAST is sitting at a computer. His head turned towards
   Reed and lowering his glasses with a finger.

   GIANT MAN has grown large in the background grabbing
   something off a high shelf.

   BEAST: If you're talking about his decay I'm already on

Panel 4 - Giant Man has shrunk to normal size and is handing Beast
   some square device.

   BEAST: C'mon Reed get with the program, where's your mind
   at today? You lent me this magnifier two months ago.

Panel 5 - Smaller panel shows square device over section of Strange's
   face showing on screen many closeup views of cracks like
   soil from a desert drought. The rest of Strange's face
   seems to be growing pale and gray.

Panel 6 - Larger panel shows Reed, Pym and Beast talking.

   DR. HANK PYM (GIANT MAN): All his vitals are weak, but
               holding. His skin is changing
        and I'm clueless why.

   BEAST: Any ideas Reed?

   REED: There is one, a foe we've battled several times
  called 'The Angler'. He was a being with an uneven
  equilibrium and shape who can enter any wall or
  our vaults gaining access by side-stepping into
  dimenstions you could say. These temporary, split-
  second doorways caused high levels of radiation
  poisoning to staff in the baxter building, obviously
  not to us though.

   BEAST: Radiation..hmm. A possibility.

   REED: We had to destroy parts of the building and rebuild
  because of it, it happened often, couple times a
  year for various reasons: Annihilus, my inventions,
  or other villans. Why do you think I was so lenient
                on letting Johnny and Ben mess the place up. Plus
                our employees had to wear these new radiation
                necklace's for now on, its based off of my own
                electro magnetivity technology.

   DR. HANK PYM: Makes sense. There must have been a window
   of time when Strange was unconcious where
   he hadn't had a mystical aura of protection
   or forcefield or something activated and he
      was poisoned from radiation from the open

   BEAST: I'll start testing right away.



   Blade and Leak walk a dusty barren path. To either side
   of them are countless decapitated superhero and villans
   heads impaled on spears.

   Some heads seen are of Songbird, Havok, Hammerhead, Whizzer,
          the biker dude from D.P.7, Beak, Crossbones, and Howard the
          Duck. All heads have vampire fangs, Beak haS some strange
          multiple rows of smaller fangs, like shark's teeth.

Panel 2 - Blade and Leak approach a Mad Max, Fallout type facility
   made of metal panels and other salvaged junk. Its as big
   as a small high school. There are many humans, heroes
   and villans working on the place.

   VULTURE flies solar panels to workers on the roof.

Panel 3 - A scrap truck pulls up with alot of scrap in the bed.

Panel 4 - Shows NORTHSTAR, NIGHTCRAWLER, and BULLSEYE in the cab
   all dressed in pink and purples. Blade looks in.

   NIGHTCRAWLER: Zers not much admantiums out zere but we
   find some.

   BULLSEYE: We need to go further out.

   BLADE: No!

   BULLSEYE: But we..

   BLADE: I said no! You would't last ten minutes! I make
   the rules around here, moral rules! If you have
   something worthy to argue about then you can
   debate it, this is undebateable! You're lucky
   I let you trouble makers even do these chores.

Panel 5 - JUGGERNAUT stands in the back of the truck holding a
   refridgerator over his head. DEADPOOL stands next to
   him. Both wearing pink and purples.

   JUGGERNAUT: Hey chief were should I put dis?

   BLADE: Over by the side entrance.

Panel 6 - Juggernaut throws the refridgerator into the air.

   DEADPOOL: No! He meant place it there, geez, I thought
      I was hard headed.

Panel 7 - Smaller panel shows refridgerator landing and smashing
   after landing from a several hundred foot drop.

Panel 8 - Smaller panel shows Juggernaut's face as naughty.

Panel 9 - Smaller panel shows Blade's serious face.

   BLADE: I'm guessing we found another one that worked?

Panel 10- Juggernaut and Deadpool stand next to each other.

   DEADPOOL: Sure does...did.




          Its night, everyone is gone, but Beast who works at his
   computer talking to self.

   BEAST: Molecular destabilization with Organic Elasticity..
   hmm? Lets try something matter what he's
   had cardiac arrest. Its what came after that isn't
   boding well with his body. And no radation either.


Panel 2 - Smaller panel shows Strange's face quietly sleeping.

Panel 3 - Same as panel 2, but shows eye movement under eyelids.

Panel 4 - Beast stands over Dr. Strange concerned.

   BEAST: Don't worry...I'm going to find out what's wrong
   with you.


   Its night and Blade's hideout glows as bright as the sun
   lighting up the dark desert around it.

Panel 6 - Professor Xavier sits in his chair in a glassed off area
   like office. Others sitting are Leak, Doctor Doom, Nomad
   and Darkhawk. Deadpool leans against the wall.

   Seen through the glass is the entertainment area. Many
   people walk around or sit and watch a scary vampire movie
   on a big screen tv. JUBILEE throws popcorn at TOAD. CABLE,
   GAMBIT and PIP THE TROLL play cards at a table.

   DOCTOR DOOM: As long as there's a sun over our head
          we'll be safe. They can't come out in the
         day, and by the time night falls we will
         have absorbed so much energy with the
         solar panel system I devised, that it all
         just gets shot back out.

   NOMAD: It doesn't hurt that they don't even know we're

   DARKHAWK: Well that's probably because they're too
      occupied hunting humans in the cities.

Panel 7 - Smaller panel shows Blade coming into the room, jumping
   on the table before Doctor Doom as if attacking him.

Panel 8 - Smaller panel shows Blade ramming Spiderman's skull onto
   a spike.

Panel 9 - Shows Doctor Doom turned looking up at the trophies of
   vampire heads like Deer mounts. Heads seen and labeled
   by name are, Captain America, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer,
   and Cyclops.

   Everyone in the room is dressed in pink and purple, even
   Blade has jumped off the table. Others admire the heads.

   BLADE: Here's your damn head doom.

   DEADPOOL: Blade you give great head!

   DOCTOR DOOM: Thank you Blade, I require more powerful
         game, it'll show how strong we've grown.
         I love my trophies.

   NOMAD: Kind of sick and disgusting if you ask me.

   DEADPOOL: More like Ted Nugent's wet dream.


Panel 1 - Shows another view inside office.

   BLADE: Question is, how many more survivors could be out
          there. There's got to be more, we can never give
   up. And if we do stumble upon more, we might need
   to build a bigger place.

   DARKHAWK: You think that's wise? Shouldn't we hide
      ourselves, underground maybe.

   PROFESSOR X: Nothing is out of the question if we
         ever find someone like Magneto. I still
         actually sense him sometimes, its a
         riddle. I think he may still be alive,
         or not, maybe he's changed and that's
         why I'm having trouble. I don't see why
         if he's out there why he would hide his
         thoughts by wearing a helmet.

   PROFESSOR X (CONT'D): Anyways, we have a new mission,
    not a hunt. There are more
    survivors not far from here.

   DARKHAWK: I miss action so much. Its not part of my life
      anymore I know. Its taken years and I'm still
      not getting used to loafing around, or sweating
      in the heat all day long.

   DEADPOOL: Hey! Gardening and Vaccuuming isn't just for a
                    woman anymore, this is the vampire era buddy,
                    wakeup and smell the change!

   DARKHAWK: Funny.

   NOMAD: Those things are very important. We can't rely on
   canned goods forever.

Panel 2 - Shows Professor Xavier's face.

   PROFESSOR X: You don't need all four, just take Simon.

Panel 3 - WONDERMAN stands in the doorway in a pink and purple

   WONDERMAN: You wanted me Professor?

   BLADE: Wonderman, looks like we got another search and

   WONDERMAN: Should I go get the others?

   BLADE: Just us.

   WONDERMAN: Ready when you are.

Panel 4 - Its daytime. Leak, Blade and Wonderman are driving in
   a fast car.

   LEAK: Tell me about the water vampires me
         about the rock vampires.

   WONDERMAN: Does this kid ever stop asking questions?

   BLADE: He don't really know much. When I got him out of
   that adamantium lab, he was hooked up to machines,
   and I think they created him from scratch, he
   doesn't know much of anything. He's a quick learner
   and really smart. Right kid?

   LEAK: Adamantium is a metal right?

   BLADE: Its inpenetrable, not even your blood affects it.
   I guess they failed at whatever experiment they
   were doing. Kid already knows how to stitch
                 himself up. Maybe he'll learn to be a surgeon if
                 he ever finishes that manual.

   LEAK: I'm almost done!

Panel 5 - Shows side view of car speeding.

   BLADE: There's all kinds of vampires. The basic dwellers
   like Spider-Man are the meanest, but easy to
          kill. They control all the cities, they're countless,
   billions. Water vampires are like the most powerful
   though, they are impossible to find living in water.
   They're like the silent kings.

   WONDERMAN: That's why Namor, you know the guy with the
       pointy ears you see sometimes, is so important.
       We're nowhere near a strategy for those water
       suckers, probably never will.

Panel 6 - Shows Leak's P.O.V. from backseat looking at the back of
   Blade's head.

   BLADE: Rock vampires are the grossest and meanest, you
   can read all about it in Xavier's new world history
   book. Its said that Doctor Strange opened a doorway
   to a dimension he had previously banished all
   vampires in existence to. In this dimension there
   were mountains, land and swamps, and the vampires
   fought. Kind of cruel if you ask me, to throw them
   all in there.

   WONDERMAN (O.S.) What other solution is there?

   BLADE: I don't know, kill em all, put them out of their
   misery. Well, the land dwellers killed the rock
   vampires making them retreat to the mountains
   forced to feed off of nothing really.

Panel 7 - Show's Leak's P.O.V from backseat now looking at the
   back of Wonderman's head.

   WONDERMAN: They were starved, sickly creatures who
       survived only by sucking scum and bacteria
       off of rocks. This of course is why they
       have such ugly, twisted, mangled teeth.

   LEAK: Wow. Those dwellers were mean to them.


Panel 1 - Blade, Leak and Wonderman stand outside the car facing
          a small building.

   WONDERMAN: Here we are.

   BLADE: Now Leak try not to loose your crossbow this time.

   LEAK: Gotcha.

   BLADE: Its getting dark soon, we better hurry.

Panel 2 - Inside the building only some lights are on, many are

Panel 3 - Smaller panel shows them walking in different directions.

Panel 4 - They now stand back together.

    LEAK: I can't find anyone.

   WONDERMAN: There's nothing here.

   BLADE: Wait...I sense something.

Panel 5 - Larger panel shows CLOAK with fangs jumping off some
   metal cabinet from the air. His Cloak is held open wide
   like Batman gliding with an opened cape.

   Inside Cloak's Cape there are about a dozen of those
   Rock vampires heads coming at them as well with twisted,
   bent, broken teeth.

Panel 6 - Rock vampires leap out of the Cloak to grab Blade and
   Leak. Wonderman had dodged the attack.

   WONDERMAN: Its Cloak!

Panel 7 - Smaller panel show's creepy vampire face coming at Leak.

Panel 8 - Leak fires silver spike into upper gums of Rock vampire.


Panel 1 - Wonderman has a tough angry desire of a smirk and punches
   Cloak in his head while Blade is fighting a vampire.

Panel 2 - Wonderman dives into the blackness of Cloak's cape. Also
   shows a vampire shriveling up and becoming petrified
          after being killed.

   LEAK: What's Wonderman doing.

   BLADE: Its alright kid, keep killing these suckers.

Panel 3 - Blade jumps and grabs Cloak in a headlock forcing him to
   open up his cape and having it flap loose.

Panel 4 - Wonderman leaps out of the cape holding two people.

Panel 5 - A thin gray haired man with redish tattered clothing
   sits holding his head. A human woman stands. There are
   many scabbed cuts on her body, and she is dirty with
   torn clothes.

Panel 6 - Eight more Rock vampires jump out of Cloak's cape
   standing before everyone.

Panel 7 - The human woman now stands between them and the heroes.


Panel 8 - Wonderman glows with ionic energy and makes a fist ready
   to throw his punch.

Panel 9 - Smaller panel shows Wonderman's fist flying in the air.

Panel 10- Wonderman punches a shield made from spinach and fruit
   cocktail cans that is now protecting the vampires with
          startled faces from Wonderman's fist.


Panel 1 - Gigantic panel shows MAGNETO, very thin, some cuts on
   his body in red tattered clothes.

   MAGNETO: She said no!

Panel 2 - Wonderman and Blade stand in shock.

   BLADE: Magneto?

   MAGNETO: These creatures mean you no harm. We were their
     prisoners, but they cut us in small areas only
     when their hunger was too great.

   WONDERMAN: They kept you against your will.

   MAGNETO: Yes. They don't speak, but I assure you compassion
     has grown out of their starving, suffering and
     poverty by the other vampire groups. They pity us
     and relate to us, but still must restrain us.
                   Cloak was busy dodging many attacks by vampires
                   nonstop for years until we came here, then we
                   waited. Even if I wanted to escape there are no
                   metals in Cloaks dark dimension. Eventually they
                   let us out to bring in food.

Panel 3 - Smaller panel shows Wonderman looking over at a remaining
   pile of empty spinach and fruit cocktail cans.

   WONDERMAN: Bet you're sick of Spinach and Fruit Cocktail.

Panel 4 - Another view of room.

   MAGNETO: When you're starving its amazing what feats you
     accomplish. We never escaped. Its not like
     Stockholm syndrome.

   BLADE: Stockholm syndrome is were prisoners are held so
   long by their captors they think that's how life
   is supposed to be.

   MAGNETO: In a way, but no. I too am succeptable to a
     vampire attack. Too many close calls as it is.
     And I know powers are slightly weakened when you
     become a vampire, but still...

   LEAK: You're the master of magnetism.

   MAGNETO: Indeed. My power is so immense, if I were to be
     changed I could control everything. These
     creatures however have always been. Its as if
     they've learned from being what they are for
     so long. I feel as if I must protect them like
     my own children. When they hunger they hesitate
     and let you know how bad they hurt, and they know
     if they bite you'll change, they are caring in
     a way they cannot help themselves.

Panel 5 - Smaller panel shows Magneto cut himself on the arm.

Panel 6 - Magneto welcomes the vampires to take turns feeding on
   him. The woman, ROSE ROMANO stands next to Magneto as
          well letting them feed from her too.

   ROSE ROMANO: My name is Rose Romano, I used to be a
         city cop, now I'm just a bloodletter.

Panel 7 - Blade has his hands on his head concerned. Others are
   seen in the room.

   CLOAK: These creatures are humbled and aren't greedy.

   WONDERMAN: What about you? How can you control it?

   CLOAK: I don't know, I'm just different. I feed sometimes
          but not as often as they do. Maybe because I have
   no body.

   BLADE: Xavier is going to kill me.

   MAGNETO: No he isn't, I'm talking to him now.

Panel 8 - Leak sits crying and Rose Romano goes to him about to
   caress him.

   ROSE ROMANO: Why are you crying?

   WONDERMAN: Don't get too close.

Panel 9 - Leak's tears fall down his face landing on his clothes
   melting them.


   LEAK: Its sad how these vampires lived. I thought they
  were like the others, they're not. Its so sad.

   ROSE ROMANO: Many things in this world are sad. We just
         have to think about the things that aren't
         so sad.

   LEAK: So, I guess Mr. Strange wasn't bad for letting them
  all out.

Panel 10- This is a neutrally tinted flashback of Avengers Medical
   facility and Hank Pym walking back into Strange's room.

   ROSE ROMANO: (V.O.) I guess its better for them now, but
         Strange didn't let them out, he had
         a heart attack and they accidentally
         got out. Strange was the one who put
         them in there. It was his cruelty
         that put them there...


Full page. Shows Hank Pym standing in Strange's room now. Beast
hangs upside down from the ceilng changed into a demonic looking
vampire. Dr. Strange is in a turned motion facing Pym, his cape
is wide and ruffled. Its mystic colors and designs, and high
collars now make sense as a gothic attire more than mystical.

   ROSE ROMANO: (V.O.) ...and it was Strange who created
         most of them in the first place.

   BLADE: (V.O.) Xavier's writing states that Dr. Strange
   has always for all time really been


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